Miliband: bloggers should engage in manifesto process

Speaking exclusively to Left Foot Forward, Climate Change Secretary and Labour manifesto coordinator, Ed Miliband, has made an appeal to Left Foot Forward readers and other bloggers to engage in Labour’s manifesto process. Speaking about the launch today of a new document tying together the various themes discussed at Labour party conference, Miliband said:

“We hope people engage with the ideas in this document. We hope people engage with our ideas in the run up to the manifesto because the manifesto is still being written, there’s still a chance for people to influence it. We want to hear from as many people as possible and have a genuinely open engaged process…

“[Interested people] should engage on Left Foot Forward. They should engage on all the [blog] websites that exist [and] on Labour Space as well. And I will engage in all those places because I want to hear from as many people as possible about what should be in the manifesto.”

Watch it:

Over the coming weeks Left Foot Forward will be soliciting the manifesto ideas of readers and submitting the best to all major parties.

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