Left Foot Forward on House of Comments

Left Foot Forward took part on House of Comments, a weekly independent non-partisan podcast featuring bloggers and other commentators.

Two weeks I was asked by Lib Dem blogger, and Left Foot Forward contributor, Mark Thompson (aka Mark Reckons) to take part in a new initative called House of Comments.

The House of Comments is a weekly independent non-partisan podcast presented by Mark Thompson and Stuart Sharpe of Sharpe’s Opinion featuring bloggers and other commentators giving views on the latest in UK Politics news, current affairs and the best of the blogosphere.

Annoyingly I broke my nose playing football that evening so missed out on the inaugural recording, which also featured Iain Dale. But happily I was able to take part last weekend in the second episode which also featured Alix Mortimer, author of The People’s Republic of Mortimer and 2008 winner of Liberal Democrat blog of the year.

We discussed Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time, sex trafficking, the continuing woes of the economy, and all women shortlists.

You can download the podcast here.

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