Griffin: climate change is an elite scam

In the week of his controversial appearance on Question Time, Nick Griffin has added environmentalists and climate change to his list of targets.

Speaking in a debate on climate change in the European Parliament yesterday, Nick Griffin said:

“The global warming fixation is a classic example of how the political class here is out of touch with the little people who have to pay the bills. While the EU backs the Copenhagen proposals to further the deindustrialisation of the West and the corporate domination of the Third World, a growing majority of ordinary people regard climate change as an elite scam – an excuse to tax and control us and to impose internationalist dogma and global government at the expense of the nation state. Can you not see the danger in this growing gulf? It is time to look at the facts.

“Man made global warming is an unproven theory based on manipulative statistics. The so called consensus on the issue is the product not of debate but of the suppression of expert dissent.

“Before the political class and the green industrial complex dare to impose a single new tax, poisoned light bulb or useless wind farm on the ordinary taxpayer, they need to try to convince the public that global warming is man made, that returning to the warmer climate of medieval times would be a bad thing and that there is something that Europe – as opposed to the United States, China and India – can actually do about it.”

Watch the debate:

The BNP claim on their website to be, “this nation’s only true Green party which has policies that will actually save the environment.”

And while consistency was never their strong point (see, for example, this picture of Griffin standing in front a No. 303 Polish Squadron spitfire), their own environment policy appears to contradict Griffin’s views on renewables:

“A BNP government will … develop renewable energy sources such as off-shore wind farms, wave, tidal and solar energy.”

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