McCarthy: twitter is about being challenged

Kerry McCarthy MP, Labour’s new media campaigns spokesperson, spoke to Left Foot Forward about twitter and social media. She said:

“Traditional forms of campaigning can quite often be very much about a one way [flow] of information so you put out a leaflet out that goes through people’s doors, you have a website that tells you what the MP is up to. But it’s very much just about listing information.

“Whereas twitter, facebook, blogging to an extent, are all much more interactive. So therefore it’s about a dialogue, it’s about engaging, it’s about being challenged, and having to defend what your views are on things rather than just that transmission. And I think that’s going to be really important as the general election approaches.”

Watch it:

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2 Responses to “McCarthy: twitter is about being challenged”

  1. Paul Evans

    Here’s @kerrymp talking about twitter + campaigning:

  2. cyberdoyle

    Very much admire any politician who embraces IT and social media. Well done to Kerry for being one. I disagree with the title of this post, because every time Kerry tweets out information if people challenge it she shuts down, which isn’t really what she is trying to imply she does. You have to take the rough with the smooth on twitter, and as the ‘twitter czarina’she must learn not to get cross. Just MHO. Hope the MPs in all parties wise up before the next election. The voice of the people is not always what they want to hear.

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