Left Foot Forward welcomes Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson (@MarkReckons) has joined Left Foot Forward as our key contributor on drugs policy and constitutional affairs. We are very pleased to welcome Mark who recently won an award as Best New Liberal Democrat blogger for his Mark Reckons blog.

Mark writes on his own blog:

“The main reason I have agreed to write for them is because I suspect in a few months time LFF will be pushing its way to the upper echelons of the blog lists and I would like as wide an audience as possible for the evidence that is out there on these two topics.”

Mark has already written for the site on three occasions:

  • Politicians and media united in opposing “smarter” drugs policy
  • Government should listen to its advisers on drugs policy
  • Clegg: “Half Britain’s seats have not changed hands in my lifetime”

We look forward to his contributions.

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