Harman: BNP wanted Nazis to win the war

Harriet Harman turned her sights on the BNP in her speech at Labour Party conference. She said:

“A further challenge that we have to tackle in the months ahead is, that seeping in to many communities, is the racism and division of the BNP.

“The BNP pretend they’ve changed, pretend they’re respectable. They are no such thing. They’re still the same party that wanted the Nazis to win the war. They’re still the same party whose constitution excludes from membership anyone who is not “indigenous Caucasian.”  It’s right that the new Equality Bill will ban that clause. There can be no place in our democracy for an apartheid party.

“Our active and campaigning parties have proved that the way to tackle the BNP is to be on the doorstep. Showing that we are taking action for those who fear for their jobs or their homes. And showing that we are on their side.”

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