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Robinson warns of ‘nuclear options’ on welfare

Peter Robinsonj

Northern Ireland’s first minister Peter Robinson has warned of “nuclear options” if Stormont doesn’t approve the Welfare Reform Bill.

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Unionists losing confidence in police, claims DUP leader

Amidst a highly charged by-election campaign in Mid Ulster, the first minister has warned that Unionists in Northern Ireland are losing confidence in the police force.

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Government not doing enough to engage with loyalist community – Peter Hain

TweetA former Northern Ireland Secretary has criticised the Government for failing to do enough to engage with the loyalist community in Northern Ireland. Amidst on-going violence on the streets of Belfast over the decision by the City Council to fly the Union Jack only on certain days at the city hall, Labour MP Peter Hain […]

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The quest for an apology continues

Ed Jacobs reports on the struggling of those in Northern Ireland in search of an apology for the role played by the Irish govt in the development of the IRA.

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Jubilee celebrations offered a “legacy of hope” for Scotland and Northern Ireland

Alex Salmond uses the Diamond Jubilee to reaffirm the Scottish government’s commitment to the monarch.

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The Week Outside Westminster – Robinson and McGuiness pray for the Reverend

Political leaders in Northern Ireland call for prayer for Ian Paisley, the propsoects for Scottish independence don’t look so great, and Welsh Labour defends the NHS in the principality.

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Preview 2012 – Northern Ireland

Left Foot Forward’s Ed Jacobs looks ahead to the political situation in Northern Ireland in 2012.

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Robinson calls for list of decommissioned weapons to be published

Northern Ireland’s first minister, Peter Robinson, has called for the government to publish in full the inventory of weapons decommissioned throughout the peace process.

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Support for special advisers review following appointment of convicted killer at Stormont

Ulster parties have supported a review into the way special advisers at Stormont are appointed, following anger at the appointment by Sinn Fein of Mary McArdle.

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Time for normal politics in Northern Ireland?

Ed Jacobs looks at the aftermath of the first ever ‘everyday’ elction in Northern Ireland and asks what the future holds for the Stormont Assembly.

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