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Migrating health workers could damage health systems in developing countries


We need to think about the impact that our imported NHS has on vulnerable people abroad.

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What’s really putting Indian students off UK universities?


The coalition’s policies are as much to blame as UKIP in creating the perception that the UK is hostile to overseas students.

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Undercutting UK workers – Tory style

Hague and Osborne ncrj

We don’t need secretive deals that bring in people through the back door and undercut the wages of UK-based workers.

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The PM’s role in securing a probe into Sri Lanka’s human rights violations should extend to India’s massacre of Sikhs

David Cameron Sikhsj

The truth of what happened in India in 1984 deserves to be told, writes Hardeep Singh.

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The Thatcher-Gandhi papers: Operation Bluestar’s bitter legacy 30 years on


The findings of Sir Jeremy Heywood’s report into Britain’s involvement in advising India on the “removal of Sikh dissidents” from Amritsar’s Golden Temple in 1984 has been met with disquiet and calls for a full independent inquiry. Hardeep Singh looks into some of the reasons why.

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Review: Human InSecurity: Fear, Deprivation and Abuse in India

Is Indian democracy broken? Carl Packman looks at a new book by Ram Mashru which examines how the Indian establishment is setting back democracy.

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Is the British government ignoring gay rights in India for trade?

It would appear that way from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s mealy-mouthed response to the effective criminalisation of homosexuality in India.

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‘I think governments should stop meddling with women’s vaginas and allow women to make independent decisions about birth control, access to safe abortions and sexual health services’

Rob Pollard talks to Noushin Arefadib, a feminist who works for Centre for Social Research (CSR) in India, an NGO which seeks to eradicate female foeticide, facilitate social justice and empower women through their Gender Training Institute (GTI).

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Freedom from want is nothing without the freedom from fear

In the last year, across the world, 30 per cent of internet users have faced increased restrictions on accessing content. The Association for Progressive Communications estimates that over 45 states have imposed some kind of online restrictions.

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PM visits India while new figures show no UK students studying main Indian language in school

While the prime minister visits India, new figures reveal that not a single UK child has studies Hindi for GCSE or A-Levels in the past year.

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