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Could this be the next Green MP?

Bristol ncrj

Can Darren Hall break new ground like Caroline Lucas did in Brighton?

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Lambeth council accused of ‘cover up’ over air pollution deaths


The Green Party has accused Labour-controlled Lambeth council of a ‘cover up’.

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Boris broke his promises, so can we really blame the RMT for striking?

Boris Johnson ncrj

Is it any wonder that the RMT is striking when the majority of Londoners don’t want ticket offices closed?

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Why is Boris Johnson a bystander when London gets hit by dangerous smog?


The mayor and government are bystanders during a public health emergency.

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19p should be the first step towards a mandatory living wage

Living Wage flagj

When the National Minimum Wage is increased in the autumn, it will remain far below a living wage and will leave millions earning poverty wages.

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Politicians must embrace the shifting sands of democracy

Ballot box j

Voting is no longer the only way in which people can be politically engaged.

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Brighton Greens’ council tax move shows the fight against austerity is on

Brighton Greens are to hold a referendum to let local people choose between cuts or paying a pound a week extra tax.

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What’s gone wrong on London’s roads?

Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists now account for over three quarters of the casualties on London’s roads.

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Opinion: In praise of Caroline Lucas

TweetLewis Coyne is a member of SERA: Labour’s Environment Campaign. He writes here in a personal capacity. On Tuesday the Green MP Caroline Lucas was released on bail following her arrest in the West Sussex village of Balcombe. Lucas had taken part in Monday’s protest against the exploratory drilling undertaken by fracking company Cuadrilla, who […]

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The British public can see fracking is no answer

Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, argues that David Cameron’s desperation to “sell” fracking to a reluctant nation is making him look like a second-hand car salesman with a real clunker on his hand

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