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Report: No link between tough laws and drug use

Drugs ncr

There is no ‘obvious relationship’ between tough drug laws and levels of drug use, according to a new report.

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Labour demand big improvements to Work Capability Assessments


The DWP must deliver a better service for disabled people and better value for money for taxpayers.

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Child poverty up in rich world since start of recession


Child poverty has increased in the rich world since the onset of the global recession in 2008, according to a new report from Unicef.

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UK gender gap widens, according to new report

Money no copyrightj

The pay gap between men and women in the workplace has widened and the UK has dropped out of the top 20 countries for gender equality.

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Boris’s affordable housing failure exposes his true colours – dishonesty and indifference

Boris Johnson cycling-JPEG

Hundreds of thousands of Londoners are being priced out of London’s housing market, yet Boris doesn’t seem to care.

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Seeing off Brexit by changing the Treaty of Rome into a Treaty of Home

Britain EU flag

The only way to see off anti-EU and extreme right-wing parties is to start a debate about a radical new direction for Europe.

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We need to bring democracy back to life. Let’s start with the House of Lords

House of LOrds ncr

The events of this week were yet another reminder of how far behind Westminster is in adapting to the new world.

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UKIP continue to lead in Rochester and Strood

Ukip badgej

UKIP’s lead in the seat is up from the 9-point lead it had in a similar poll published earlier this month.

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Five reasons we need a stronger recall bill

Commons ncr

The ‘power of recall’ doesn’t really give constituents the right to recall their MP.

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It isn’t just child poverty that limits social mobility; inequality does too


The side of social mobility that no politician will talk about: making rich-but-dim children downwardly mobile.

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