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New ONS figures reveal the startling state of health inequality


Men living in the most deprived areas of the country will live almost 20 years less than those in the least deprived areas.

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Plaid Cymru leader snubs ‘neo-liberal’ SNP to speak at Radical Independence Scotland rally

Leanne Woodj

The leader of Plaid Cymru has snubbed the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) by deciding to speak at a rally organised by a group that is openly critical of SNP policies.

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Tony Blair was right about some things, however uncomfortable that makes you feel

Tony Blair ncrj

In trashing the legacy of Tony Blair you are essentially sticking two fingers up at the electorate.

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Labour councillors upbeat but Ed Miliband seen as a hindrance

Ed Miliband ncr 1j

New polling reveals that Labour councillors are optimistic about 2015 but Ed Miliband viewed as a hindrance.

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The five worst MH17 conspiracy theories

Malaysia planej

The Russian media, seemingly propped up by a rag-tag band of cyber conspiracy theorists, has been indulging some pretty bonkers stuff.

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It’s time for football’s great reform act


Fifa may decide to reform itself. More likely, a grassroots movement will have to emerge that is strong enough to push through the changes that are needed.

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Compassion doesn’t have to mean assisted dying

Lord Falconer ncrj

Compassion is also about providing high quality care that should be available to all.

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Politicians must live up to their devolution promises

Nick Cleggncr1j

Bold proposals devolution proposals have a habit of not living up to the full height of their promises.

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MPs demand bank explanation over fake letters


The infamous Wonga letters have highlighted similar practices by larger companies.

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Cameron has played into the SNP’s hands

Scotland flag ncrj

In creating a team to try and secure a Tory victory in 2015, David Cameron may have tipped the balance in the debate on Scotland’s future – and not in the way he wants.

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