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Why banning extremists is wrong

Theresa May no copyrightj

You have a right to listen, to speak, and think for yourself.

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Theresa May’s speech: a very cautious welcome

Theresa May no copyrightj

It is imperative that the measures outlined by May are carefully devised and responsibly implemented.

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Another Tory housing gimmick

David Cameron ncrj

Cameron’s housing announcement is his latest attempt to wear Mrs Thatcher’s clothes.

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Miliband should be ambitious and go for a Robin Hood tax

Canary wharf ncrj

As everyone from the Institute for Fiscal Studies to the International Monetary Fund agrees, the financial sector is under-taxed.

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The average person is being priced out of bettering themselves and gaining an education

Museum ncrj

Do we want to live in a society that can’t afford to offer its citizens culture, free and readily available?

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Trillion Dollar Scandal – the biggest heist you’ve never heard of

Poor country ncrj

The World Bank analysed the world’s biggest corruption scandals over that past two decades. Seventy per cent involved anonymous shell companies.

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Labour’s missed opportunity

Ed Miliband non copyrightj

A potential springboard to launch Labour ahead of the election has been wasted by a set of standard, uninspiring ideas on a decade timeframe.

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Ed Miliband’s six point plan for Britain – and what it means

Ed Miliband ncrj

In his speech today Miliband will set out his ‘six national goals’ for the country to achieve in the next 10 years.

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History should not give cause for optimism for Labour

Ed Miliband ncrj

Ed Miliband needs to conquer is his image problem which, four years on from taking the leadership of the party, remains a noose around the party’s neck.

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The Yes campaign may have won the #indyref

Alex Salmond ncrj

With pro-independence parties seeing record-breaking membership growth, the indy camp could be the real winners after all.

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