Event: How can we make economic growth work for everyone?

Left Foot Forward is hosting a discussion about making economic growth fairer at this year's Labour Party conference in Manchester.

Wednesday 10.00, Labour Party Conference, Manchester – LabourList Marquee (secure zone)

Left Foot Forward is hosting a discussion about making economic growth fairer at this year’s Labour Party conference in Manchester

Finally, after several years of flatlining under George Osborne’s watch, the economy is once again growing. And yet despite this, most people are still getting poorer as inflation outstrips average wages.

So how can a Labour government do things differently? How can the progressive left ensure that the benefits of growth are felt by all, and not only by a few at the top? Speakers will be asked to talk for 7 minutes each on what they think the Labour Party should focus on in government. The debate will then take questions from the floor.

Left Foot Forward with the TUC. Chaired by Left Foot Forward’s James Bloodworth with:

Catherine McKinnell MP, Shadow Treasury Minister – Frances O’Grady, TUC – Anna Turley, IPPR & PPC, Redcar – Deborah Hargreaves, High Pay Centre.

The event will take place at the LabourList Marquee inside the secure zone, just outside the conference centre.

Labour List Marqeej

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For further information on holding an event with Left Foot Forward please contact events@leftfootforward.org

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2 Responses to “Event: How can we make economic growth work for everyone?”

  1. blarg1987

    In effect a government should do two key things:

    1 – Set up an in house competitor for any project from energy to rail, to encourage real competition, also if the state is giving any industry money it should be in effect own that part of the industry, we do not see private companies or banks giving money to private companies why should the state.

    2 – Create demand, if a government says for example it wants half all state vehicles to be eco friendly it has created demand this encourages private industry to invest and create jobs that way we all feel the recovery.

  2. Leon Wolfeson

    It’s the assumption we have growth rather than a City-driven bubble…

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