MPs and the Royal Family: apparently the only public sector workers who deserve a pay rise

Just a few weeks after chancellor George Osborne announced £11.5 billion pounds worth of spending cuts, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) has recommended that MPs receive an inflation-busting pay increase to £74,000 – up from the current level of £65,738.

MPs royal familyMPs aren’t the only ones enjoying a bumper pay increase.

The recommendation that MPs receive a rise follows on the back of a massive five per cent increase for the Queen, with the Sovereign Grant increasing to £37.89m – up from £36.1m the previous year.

In stark contrast, the rest of the public sector recently had pay increases capped at 1 per cent by Osborne in the Spending Review, with automatic progression pay – where civil servants automatically move up through pay grades – also scrapped.

“At last”, declared the Daily Mail, “a brake on public sector pay”.

Only it wasn’t, was it?

If you’re a member of the Royal Family, or an MP, you’re apparently exempt from the squeeze on living standards hitting the rest of the public sector.

We’re all in it together. Some more than others of course.


Left Foot Forward has come up with five arguments against giving MPs a pay rise.

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  • treborc1

    I’ve given up I would not waste my time walking across the road to vote for any of them.

  • TristanPriceWilliams

    The Queen doesn’t care… She says you can stick your vote, she’s not for budging… and Charlie says “kiss my arse”.

  • blarg1987

    Wonder will this set a precedent that all public sector pay will have to be reviewed by an independent panel based on like for like jobs in the private sector :).