Majority say Pope right to resign

Over half (68%) of British people believe the Pope was right to resign, and 71% said Pope Benedict had not been influential, according to a new poll by YouGov.

pope ratzinger

In a Europe-wide survey, a majority of people in every country except for Germany said leading politicians in their respective countries were right to not pay much notice to the Pope’s views.

Questioned on specific issues, ranging from allowing women priests to homosexuality and birth control, either a majority or plurality of people tended to agree that Pope Benedict had been “too conservative and changed things too little”.

Support for the Pope resigning was highest in Germany, at 82%, and lowest in Britain, at 68%, although only 8% of Brits say Benedict was wrong to resign and a quarter (25%) are undecided.

Only a small proportion of people in every country surveyed said they attended church once a week or more. In Britain, 30% of people said they never attended church services.

YouGov sampled 1,704 British Adults/1,023 German Adults/ 916 French Adults / 1,007 Danish Adults / 1,013 Swedish Adults / 976 Finnish Adults aged 18+ between 21-27 February.


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