So, Nick, when will you apologise for the double-dip, youth unemployment, NHS ‘reform’…

Labour today seized on Nick Clegg's much-mocked apology on tuition fees, releasing a dossier of the Lib Dem record in government.

“I have in my hand a broken promise...”


Labour today seized on Nick Clegg’s much-mocked apology on tuition fees, releasing a dossier (pdf) of the Lib Dem record in government.

Titled “What have the Liberal Democrats REALLY done for you” (pdf), it says it’s “time for Mr Clegg and the Liberal Democrats to accept their share of the blame” for the failures of the coalition, and that:

“It’s time for a proper apology.”

The document (pdf) highlights policy by policy the party’s record on tax, jobs and growth, education, crime, older people and families, health, environment and transport, international development, fair politics and equality.

It cites the main failures as:

• The longest double-dip recession since the Second World War;

• A million young people unemployed;

• A tax cut for millionaires;

• A massive top-down reorganisation of the NHS.

Clegg himself suffered further ignominy with an autotune remix of his apology:

Nick Clegg: The gift that keeps giving.

  • LB

    So, whilst we are on the subject, when are you going to apologise for leaving 7,000 bn of debts (pensions included?)

  • ffhfhffh

    Still waiting for apologies from Labour for the 2 times they lied and broke manifesto commitments not to introduce or increase tuition fees. And they had a majority in parliament both times!!

    Being from a poorer background, I would be much better off under the new system introduced by Clegg. Unfortunately I went to university under Labour’s system, so I will have higher monthly payments and pay more overall.

  • Newsbot9

    When are you going to apologise for casino banking and the double-dip? When are you going to stop calling for an end to pensions for the 99%?

  • Newsbot9

    Really, so you’re saying that you’re earning between about 15k and 24k then. This is nothing to do with background, but income. If you earn 25k or more under the old scheme , you will pay less even at the 3.3k a year, since you’ll pay it off…

  • ffhfhffh

    My current low income after graduating does help me also, yes. But those from poorer backgrounds before university now receive larger grants, bursaries and fee waivers than under Labour’s system.

    Some actually argue that this is unfair, because they can still go on to earn lots more money after graduating. But to be honest it’s probably the only way the coalition can ensure they don’t see a drop in applicants from poorer backgrounds, especially considering the amount of scaremongering from Labour and the NUS about “crippling, unaffordable debts”.

  • Newsbot9

    Larger? No, they generally do not. Most Universities offset fees by a meaningless amount – 8k rather than 9k will make no difference to their actual repayments in the vast majority of cases.

    Worse, the cash has come in part from things like money for hardship loans, for students who run into financial trouble through no fault of their own.

    And Labour already drove away a lot of poor people with 3.3k.

    You’re the person trying to trick students into losing money over their working lifespan. It’s chicanery.