Who are the most influential left wingers? Vote now!


Earlier in the summer, Left Foot Forward asked readers to tell us the names of people they considered to be influential in the politics of the left. From politicians and think tankers, to journalists and other public figures, we have rattled it down to your top 50.

We are delighted to announce that the poll to find Left Foot Forward readers’ number one influential left winger has opened today. To vote for your top five, simply follow the link.

The vote will close on the 22nd September.

Thank you for your participation and we look forward to announcing the winner during the Labour Party Conference.

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  • Joanne Milligan

    Taken the survey but a little puzzled, and disappointed, by the options available in the ‘top 50’. Definitely some there that I wouldn’t consider ‘left-wing’ and others than I thought might make it in there that didn’t.

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  • Robert

    John McDonnell missing, Cruddas left wing being left wing has become so very easy these days, I’m suprised you missed out Blair in that list! if you think this bunch are left wingers, Prescott was once he sold out years ago.

    left wingers.

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  • Mr. Sensible

    Joanne, I believe that this list was drawn up using suggestions from readers.

    I was surprised by a couple myself, but there you go.

  • Lox

    I’d have voted for Diane Abbott, but then I remembered she sent her kid to a fee paying school. I thought about Ken Loach, but then I remembered that he lives in leafy Bath, and might be slightly unworldly as a consequence. And his films are tosh. Eddy Balls? Sounds like a character from Viz. John Pilger? Hmmm-good documentary maker, but rather polemical.
    Perhaps I’m missing the point.
    Anyway, what’s a left winger?

  • Pete Firmin

    A bizarre notion of left wing! Love to see your definition which led to these inclusions.

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  • Pat Allen

    I think the comment about Diane Abbott most unfair. For some pupils some schools can be a major disaster. As a retired teacher, and a parent, I have some experience!

  • Lox

    Pat, I don’t think my comment about Diane Abbott was unfair at all. Of course she has the right to buy her child a good education (or at least one that’ll help the child get into a good university-not necessarily the same thing, I suppose). She was, however, part of a governing party that was preaching equality of opportunity while completely screwing the state education system by idealogically driven micro management of schools. If the state system is good enough for the children of her constituents it should have been good enough for her. If it’s not, then she should have been doing something about it rather than sitting on her hands with her mouth shut.

  • Geraint

    Why no Carwyn Jones, the First Minister for Wales, and the most powerful Labour politican at the moment? Indeed, there was no Welsh names on that list as far as I could see. Is Left Foot Forward anti-Welsh? Or just got a blind spot when it comes to Wales?

  • dj1917

    What an absurd list, with almost no-one from the actual left. Blair? Mandelson? Whaaaat? And in the ‘what newspapers you read’ part, no Morning Star or Socialist Worker? No left blogs either- Lenin’s Tomb? Labourist nonsense.

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  • http://www.ifyoutoleratethis45.wordpress.com Gary

    Geraint, perhaps the problem is that Welsh people are just not influential enough.

    Only joking, I think the regional variations are interesting as well, in that SNP figures are considered left. From an English or a ‘Westminster Bubble’ perspective, they may seem quite left, but in Scotland they are seen as the ‘Tartan Tories’ and would not generally be seen as being on the left. I suppose it shows the difference in the political mainstream in Scotland and in England. I guess the same is true of Wales.