Leader of controversial fox hunting group paid for Boris Johnson’s helicopter

Johnson voted against the hunting ban.

A hunt leader whose hunting groups have twice been in trouble with authorities paid for Boris Johnson’s helicopter during his leadership campaign.

Johan Christofersson donated £36,000 to Johnson as well as funding a £2,000 helicopter ride.

Chistofersson is a hedge fund manager and a former leader of the Jedforest Hunt in Scotland and the Isle of Wight hunt.

In 2004, Chrisofferson’s Isle of Wight hunt was banned from hunting for a month after one of their staff dumped two dead calves, a horse and a bullock outside the Labour Party conference in Brighton.

This was to protest againt Labour’s hunting ban, which Boris Johnson voted against along with David Cameron, David Davis, Iain Duncan Smith and Philip Hammond.

While Christofferson did not dump the dead animals himself, the hunting association reprimanded him for allegedly knowing a stunt was planned but failing to stop it.

Christofferson continued to co-lead the Isle of Wight hunt with the man who pulled the stunt – Stuart Trousdale – for a number of years, before moving to Scotland.

In Scotland, Christofferson is now the joint leader of the Jedforest hunt where, according to the Sunday Mail, two huntsmen have recently been charged with illegal activity.

The League Against Cruel Sports Scotland allege the huntsmen repeatedly sent their hounds after fleeing foxes.

In Scotland, dogs can only be used to flush out foxes to be shot. They should not be used to kill the dogs directly.

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8 Responses to “Leader of controversial fox hunting group paid for Boris Johnson’s helicopter”

  1. Dawn Homer

    What chance have we and the beautiful wildlife got, when this underhand behaviour is going. Money talks. Makes me so sad

  2. Emily Metliss

    The law against hunting with dogs needs to be strictly enforced, and sentencing much harsher than it is at present. This sort of behaviour has no place in modern Britain; a large percentage of the population find it repugnant.

  3. steve

    Tory contempt for animals mirrors Tory contempt for humanity.

  4. Alan Kirby

    Christofferson is an American hedge fund tycoon who has donated north of £250k to the Tory party over the last 12 years. He donated over £40k to Simon Hart – hunting fanatic and former COE of the Countryside Alliance – when he was PPC for the Tory Party. Hart was elected MP for Pembrokeshire S & Carmarthenshire West in 2010 and still is. Besides his parliamentary salary Hart receives a £30k ‘consultancy’ fee from his old employer, the Countryside Alliance. Christofferson actually resigned as Joint Master of the Jedforest Fox Hounds after his terrierman and his son were convicted of illegal hunting in 2017.

  5. Lorraine Sandham

    These people who love to hunt and kill animals put me in mind of King Leopold of Belgium, who in the nineteenth century hunted the people of the Congo as prey. The laws against hunting in this country need to be enforced and sentencing should be harsher to act as a deterrent.


    Its clear a majority right wing Conservative government will repeal the hunting act. Every hunt at present that rides out of the stables and hound kennels is a criminal conspiracy to break the law. If this present Tory government is able to get away with unlawfully shutting down parliament and our democracy,wiping out the welfare state and the NHS killing our poor and vulnerable with Ian( killer) Duncan Smiths benefit program, putting thousands of children on food vouchers repealing the hunting law will be a walk in the park.

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  8. NMac

    Anyone who is not a millionaire who votes for the Tories needs psychiatric help.

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