Polls show mountain to climb as Labour publishes its manifesto

Just two regions are projected to vote for Labour

As the Labour Party launches its manifesto today, polling published yesterday for Good Morning Britain should be a sober reminder of the mountain that the party has yet to climb in an ever shorter amount of time.

Getting past the headline voting intentions which show a considerable Conservative lead over Labour, the Lib Dems not making any real progress and UKIP in free fall, the findings show the extent to which Jeremy Corbyn remains the biggest obstacle to electoral success for Labour.

Asked which of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn would make the best Prime Minister, among all respondents, May leads by 60 per cent compared to the 21 per cent who would prefer Mr Corbyn at Number 10.

Dig deeper and it is clear that across all age groups — the younger and the older — Theresa May also leads Corbyn as the preferred Prime Minister. More worryingly still, while 95 per cent of Conservative voters say they would prefer Theresa May as Prime Minister, just 57 per cent of Labour voters say the same about Jeremy Corbyn. Indeed, 20 per cent of Labour voters indicated that they would prefer Theresa May to return to Downing Street following the election.

Asked who they would most trust to deliver on certain issues, Theresa May leads Corbyn as the leader most trusted to deliver Brexit, protect the NHS, manage the economy and ‘promote a fairer society’.

Meanwhile, YouGov have, for the first time, collated polling data to publish maps showing how each region of Britain is likely to vote, compared to 2015.

In another bleak assessment, it suggests that just two regions, the North East and London can be shaded in red for Labour, with the North West seeing Labour and the Conservatives neck and neck.

Other than that, everything in England and Wales is a sea of blue, with Scotland coloured bright yellow for the SNP.

Ed Jacobs is a contributing editor at Left Foot Forward

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