Sadiq Khan repeats calls for rail ‘nationalisation’ after fares hike

Mayor says Transport For London should run rail services


London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called for rail services to be run by Transport for London (TfL) to keep ticket prices low and avoid strikes by working with unions.

His repeated call government control, effectively renationalisation, of rail service in and out of London comes as rail ticket prices are set to rise on average 2.3 per cent, or four times the rate of inflation.

Writing in today’s Evening Standard, Khan writes:

“I urge Londoners to join me in putting pressure on the government to act. TfL stands ready to step in.

And if the government delivers on its promise to give TfL control, I pledge today that we’ll deliver frozen fares, fewer delays, fewer strikes, more trains and safer stations.”

The mayor noted that days lost to industrial action on the London underground, already controlled by TfL, has dropped 92 per cent since his election in May.

Meanwhile, privately-run rail services have seen a wave of strikes over plans for driver-only trains and ticket office closures.

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