Bridges not Walls: Activists protest Trump inauguration with banner drops

A message of solidarity has been dropped from every bridge in central London

Image via @aliisiningo

Ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration, activists have dropped protest banners from every bridge in central London and at more than a hundred other locations around the country.

A ‘Bridges not Walls’ banner was dropped from Tower Bridge at 8.30am, following by drops from every Thames crossing as far as Vauxhall. Other demonstrations took place in Brighton, Oxford, Glasgow, Leeds and elsewhere.

Explaining the demonstration, Bridges Not Walls spokesperson Nona Hurkmans commented:

“On Trump’s inauguration day we’re taking action to show our support for groups under attack – here in the UK, across Europe and in the USA – and to reject the rise of a dangerous and divisive far right politics. We won’t let the politics of hate peddled by the likes of Donald Trump take hold. What happens next is up to us and by standing together we can show that the rhetoric of fear and hate have no place in our society.”

Further banner drops will be taking place throughout the day, in Britain and around the world.

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