EU nature rules are the bee’s knees, say public – even Leave voters

80 per cent want to keep ban on bee-killing pesticides


A majority of the British public want to keep or strengthen European Union rules on protecting bees and nature, according to a new YouGov survey for Friends of the Earth.

Eighty-one per cent polled said they want to keep an EU ban on bee-killing pesticides, versus just five per cent who want to lift the ban.

Eighty-three per cent said they want Britain to pass laws protecting wildlife, with 37 per cent in favour of the current EU level of protections and 47 per cent backing more protections.

The survey also found a majority (57 per cent) supporting British farm subsidies either matching (25 per cent) or building on (32 per cent) current EU emphasis on environmental protection.

Interestingly, the results found support for keeping or strengthening these EU rules when broken down between people who voted Leave and Remain in the EU referendum. 

EU rules bees

Friends of the Earth campaigner Samuel Lowe said:

‘This survey sends a powerful message to the UK Government that EU rules aimed at protecting our natural environment must be maintained or strengthened.

The poll completely undermines those who argue that Brexit should lead to a watering down of the UK’s environmental commitments.

There is little public support for this – even from those who voted to leave the EU.

He added:

‘The government must also stand up to pressure from the NFU [National Farmers’ Union] and keep the EU ban on bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides.

This is what the science says, and the public demands.’

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3 Responses to “EU nature rules are the bee’s knees, say public – even Leave voters”

  1. CR

    We had a whole range of environment laws in the UK before the EU took over responsibility for this and going forward we will have a very similar set of regulations as the EU.

  2. Michael WALKER

    I keep bees.
    The public can demand what it likes BUT science should override opinion.
    Most beekeepers keep bees which feed on Oilseed rape.- the seeds of which are treated with neonicotinoids. Beekeeping forums are NOT full of beekeepers complaining of the deaths of bees from Oilseed rape pesticides.

    Farmers are now either not sowing crops or using older (and less safe) pesticides which are not banned.

  3. wg

    My city, a once open and green city, has been building on its greens and parks.
    Large scale immigration has its price, and whatever EU regulations, regarding environmental protection, have been put in place, I have seen whole swathes of wildlife destroyed because of the EU’s neoliberal population policies.
    Open borders has done nothing for the UK’s wildlife.

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