Working people must not pay the price for Brexit, says TUC chief

Frances O'Grady says protecting jobs and living standards is a priority after vote to leave EU


The head of the Trades Union Congress has demanded the government protect jobs and living standards after the EU Referendum vote for Brexit.

Frances O’Grady also called on the government to defend the pound, which at one point this morning fell ten per cent to its lowest point since 1985, and for a plan to stimulate economy.

Chancellor George Osborne recently drew up a ‘Brexit Budget’, dubbed a ‘punishment budget’ by critics, promising harsh spending cuts if Britain voted to leave the EU.

O’Grady said:

‘The British people have made their views clear. As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, the first priority now is to protect jobs and defend the living standards of working people.

The government must urgently set out a plan to defend UK industry and keep British jobs. That means defending the pound and stimulating the economy.

She added:

‘Working people must not pay the price for the decision to leave the EU.’

The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, spoke earlier today, saying the bank and Treasury have planned for Brexit and will ‘not hesitate’ tot take action if required to protect the economy as markets adjust to the shock.

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