Sadiq Khan: Labour must ‘step up’ and win EU referendum for Remain

Mayor slams Tories and calls on Labour to fight 'every second' up to June 23


London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said the Labour Party has a ‘monumental and historic responsibility’ to keep Britain in the European Union.

Speaking today at the Shard building near London Bridge, Khan attacked the prime minister’s leadership of the Remain campaign, saying the Tories ‘simply cannot win this referendum as they lose credibility with the public’.

He called on Labour members and supporters to ‘spend every second’ before the June 23 referendum working for a vote to stay in the EU.

The Mayor was speaking alongside Alan Johnson, chair of Labour In for Britain, and Labour MPs Yvette Cooper and Harriet Harman at a rally for Labour Party members.  

Sadiq Khan said:

‘We are here today because with just two weeks to go we want to send a crystal-clear message: it is Labour voters and supporters who will decide the outcome of this referendum.

We in the Labour Party now have a monumental and historic responsibility on our shoulders – to keep Britain in the European Union.

Every day we see another example of why David Cameron and the Tories simply cannot win this referendum as they lose credibility with the public. They are simply too riven by division. It now falls to us, and it’s time for us to step up.

He concluded:

‘We don’t want to look back in two weeks’ time and think – did we do enough?

So let’s get out there now.  Let’s spend every second and every hour of the next two weeks persuading our friends and our neighbours to get out there on 23 June and vote for Britain to remain in the European Union.’

Alan Johnson added:

‘With David Cameron and Boris Johnson trading blows in this campaign it sometimes resembles a bunfight in the Eton tea room.

This debate is not about who is to lead the Conservative Party, it’s about the kind of country we want Britain to be: engaged with our continent or isolated on the periphery; erecting barriers or building bridges; a great trading nation or a small minded country where exploitation flourishes.’

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