We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the beer mats

Wetherspoons and Another Europe is Possible have both produced EU referendum beer mats

Wetherspoons is distributing pro-Brexit beer mats to its 920 pubs across the country which, oddly, do not mention the EU at all.

Instead, the 200,000 mats focus on Christine Lagarde, chief executive of the IMF, who has predicted that Brexit would cause long term economic damage.

The full text, signed by Wetherspoons founder Tim Martin reads:

“Dear Madame Lagarde, At Wetherspoon, we sincerely respect and admire the French people and your country, but note that you are due to stand trial in France for your part in authorizing a 400 million euro payment by the French state to Bernard Tapie – a supporter of your political party.

This follows the resignation, in disgrace, of your predecessor at the IMF – Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Why should we trust the IMF?”

Martin is among the most vocal supporters of the Leave campaign, and ‘spoons has plenty of other campaign materials on its website and in pubs.

Thankfully, Another Europe is Possible has responded with its own line of beer mats, ensuring that neither side has a monopoly on rowdy pub discussions about the referendum.

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