New poll puts Remain at 55 per cent

David Cameron credited with significant increase in support among Tory voters


The Remain campaign has pulled further into the lead, according to polling by Ipsos MORI for the Evening Standard, which suggests that 55 per cent want to stay in, against 37 per cent who want to leave.

This is Remain’s most significant lead in three months, and is attributed to increased support among Tory voters.

Conducted by phone, the poll shows that Remain is winning the short-term economic debate, but has not convinced voters of the long-term benefits of EU membership.

49 per cent of people believe the economy would suffer over the next five years if Britain left the EU, while 26 believe it would improve.

But when asked about the economy over the next 10-20 years, 39 per cent believe it would be better if Britain left the EU, against 35 who believe it would be worse.

Two other polls released this week also suggest comfortable leads for the Remain camp. A Telegraph/ORB poll published yesterday puts Remain at 55, while new YouGov polling shows a 44-40 lead.

The Standard attributes increasing Tory support to David Cameron’s enthusiastic campaigning across the country, but Boris Johnson’s negative campaigning and the high-profile squabbles between pro-Leave groups may also play a part.

However, turnout among potential Remain voters is still a concern, particularly among young people and Labour voters.

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