Labour’s ‘baying hounds’ need to back off, says UNISON chief

With backbench MPs sniping about the election results, Prentis has called for party unity


Dave Prentis, head of one of the countries largest trade unions, has called on Labour to end it’s internal bickering, following a tough night for the party.

Writing for the UNISON blog, Prentis pointed out that the results are ‘at least better than many predicted’.

He continued

“The Party must now get back to focusing on the issues that matter to working people and on getting rid of this government at the next general election. The baying hounds from across the Party now need to back off.

Public sector workers aren’t interested in Labour politicians bickering in TV studios or those who think that politics is a game. And local elections shouldn’t just be treated as a barometer of where parties are on the road to 2020.

These election results will have a direct impact on the work and home lives of teaching assistants, ambulance staff, hospital cleaners and other public servants, whose jobs are at risk of privatisation, while the services they provide are likely to face yet more cuts.

Labour must now unite behind a vision that can win in four years’ time and, in so doing, change this country for the better. There are millions of people across the country who need that to happen. And that’s what all Labour MPs should be focused on today.

Labour backbenchers have been voicing dissatisfaction with the leadership today, following the party’s battering in Scotland, and loss of council seats in England.

Corbyn and his team have been sticking to their ‘we didn’t lose, we hung on’ message. Jon Trickett, who led the election campaign told the BBC that Corbyn critics should ‘put up or shut up’.

Writing for LabourList this morning, Trickett argued that ‘Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is now making progress across much of Britain’.

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4 Responses to “Labour’s ‘baying hounds’ need to back off, says UNISON chief”

  1. Jill chapman

    It’s these baying hounds and idiotic backbenchers who have created any losses to the Labour Party. Their continuous wingeing leads one to feel they should be sitting on the other side of the House! Forget your careers and unite!!!

  2. toffer99

    The slimy cowards won’t come out and say it in public, will they. If you’re so unhappy, stand against him or go and join UKIP.

  3. UnpopularButAccurateRealist

    After six years in power, a bitter and brutal split over Brexit, mass scorn over measures against the poor and disabled, doctors on strike, steel closures, high street retail collapse, U-turns a go-go, several Ministers and MPs caught out doing wrong, and on and on…still the Tories hold their own in a major set of elections.

    Meanwhile, Labour come third in Scotland (not a single seat in Glasgow FFS), get hurt in Wales (we actually managed to lose the Rhondda), go backwards in England…but – whoopee! – take a Labour city against an anaemic posh nobody.

    Unless that bearded old idiot is deposed quickly there won’t be a Labour party left. We need more, and more vigorous, opposition to the death-wish leadership, not less of it.

  4. Ginny Eaton

    Well said Dave! Too much internal squabbling occurring.

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