Sanders gives Green Party support to striking junior doctors

Junior doctors are striking for the fourth time over the terms of a new contract imposed by Jeremy Hunt


Larry Sanders, Green Party health spokesperson and brother of Bernie Sanders, has offered his full support to junior doctors.

He describes junior doctors, who are on strike for the fourth time in recent months, as ‘heroes in the fight for a public NHS’ and suggests that the fight is an international one.

“My brother, Sen. Bernie Sanders, is campaigning to create a National Health Program for the U.S. He is opposed by the same vultures who are feeding on the NHS. Their success costs us in money and in lives.”

There are widespread fears that the Tories are pushing the NHS towards privatisation, along similar lines to the U.S. healthcare model opposed by Bernie Sanders.

Like previous industrial actions, the current 48-hour strike does not include A&E services. However, later this month they will engage in the first complete walkout in NHS history.

So far, the doctors have enjoyed widespread public support, but an all-out strike may undermine that. A YouGov poll published this week shows that 59 per cent of people support a partial strike, like the one taking place today, while 23 per cent are opposed.

In contrast, 44 per cent support a complete strike, as is scheduled for 26 and 27 April, while 37 per cent are opposed.

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