Generation Rent will be £2.5 billion better off under a Labour government

Today Ed Miliband will pledge a fairer deal for renters as home ownership remains at its lowest level for 30 years


Today Ed Miliband and Emma Reynolds will set out what action a Labour government will take to help ‘Generation Rent’. There are now nine million people renting homes, many of whom are young people or families just starting out.

The housing shortage is making it impossible for young people to afford homes – the average house price is eight times higher than the average wage. During this government we have also seen the lowest levels of housebuilding in peacetime since the 1920s. House of Commons analysis shows that on current trends, the average deposit of a home in the UK will be £72,000 by 2020 – it is little wonder that home ownership is at its lowest level for thirty years.

Today the Labour leader and the shadow minister for Housing will reveal how ‘Generation Rent’ will be better off by an average of £624 each under a Labour government. They will pledge to ban rip-off letting agent fees, legislate for three year tenancies to give renters security and peace of mind, and end excessive rent rises by putting a cap on rent increases during the new three-year tenancies.

Ed Miliband is expected to say:

“The amount needed for a deposit on a home has risen beyond the reach of millions of young people and families starting out.

“As well as building more houses and helping people get on the property ladder, a Labour government will take action immediately to make life better for all those renting their home.

“Moving house is an expensive time anyway and there is no reason why Generation Rent should be ripped by rules which don’t apply to property owners.

“The first Queen’s Speech of the next Labour government will set out legislation to ban letting agent fees charged to tenants. It will save Generation Rent £2.5 billion over the next parliament. And it will save the typical renter £624.”

Meanwhile Ms Reynolds will visit Hampstead & Kilburn, calling on young voters to make their voices heard in the election. She will be kicking off a national campaign to visit seats with high levels of private renters to highlight Labour’s policies.

Ms Reynolds is expected to say today:

“Renters have to work two days a week – the equivalent of working every day until the 28th May this year –  before they pay the rent. But in return they get no stability, poor standards and they have to pay hundreds of pounds in rip-off letting agent fees.

“We are also committed to tackling the root causes of this crisis by getting at least 200,000 homes built a year by 2020.

“From now until the General Election I will be in key seats talking to voters about our plans for housing. And as part of voter registration week, I will be encouraging private renters, who are one of the most under-registered groups, to get registered so that their voice can be heard in May.

“Generation rent deserves a fairer deal. Only a Labour government is set on delivering it.”

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42 Responses to “Generation Rent will be £2.5 billion better off under a Labour government”

  1. LB

    What have you done with their pension contributions?

    Spent them, leaving no assets but massive debts.

    Socialism. Screwing people over and hiding the evidence.

    In summary, the estimates in the new supplementary table indicate a total Government pension
    obligation, at the end of December 2010, of £5.01 trillion, or 342 per cent of GDP

    That’s Labour fucking over the poor, as usual.

  2. TN

    Yeah this doesn’t read like a partisan press release…

  3. Rich

    Good – as long as they mean it!
    Letting agents charging tenants fees makes no sense at all. The landlord is the letting agent’s customer, not the tenant. Why should a tenant pay for a credit check etc., when it’s being done on behalf of the landlord? Why does a letting agent need to charge a tenant (or indeed a landlord) to make a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy of a tenancy agreement every 12 months?
    Furthermore, good landlords who manage to bag a good tenant would surely love 3 year tenancies; they’re essentially securing a customer for a long contract, which is good in any business. The only ones who’ll lose out are the letting agents, who want turnover, and the cowboy landlords that think nothing of selling out from under their tenants.
    I don’t want good landlords to be punished, or bad tenants to be overly protected, but these are all good policies.

  4. How Bloggs

    The best thing that Labour could do, if obtaining govt., is do something to stem the ceaseless tide of immigrants to this country. ( 4,000 a day, at last stat count)
    All of them have to be housed, which makes house hunting even more difficult for those who were born & raised here.
    Inevitably, whenever anyone states this, the cries of “racist” fill the air, as per the usual lefty way.
    I say, use your common sense before shouting that.

  5. Guest

    Keep blaming everyone else for your calls for mass-fucking, your demand that pensions not be paid, not be “spent”, as you whine about “hiding” because you can’t read basic figures, and once more you point out how little the UK owes for pensions because ours are so bad.

  6. Guest

    Yes, quite, your obvious adherence to that creed means that others saying it is quite redundant.

    Your calls for ending trade and lowering GDP, as you blame the Other for everything, as you try from your little foreign haunts where you, of course, will be able to travel from and to (but not the 99%, oh no!)…

    It’s all about lowering wages for you, as you try and stop British people from affording shelter, and use your PC bigotry against the left. Your mock cares about immigration are obvious, as you whitewash 35 years of insufficient house building with a cry of hate.

  7. Leon Wolfeson

    The problem being that they’ll simply raise rents to cover it.
    It’s largely meaningless, and I can see absolutely no savings whatsoever.

    Moreover, three-year contracts mean higher charges immediately, meaning people reliant on housing benefit will see large rises against a HB which is deliberately disconnected from housing prices, leaving them unable to afford shelter anywhere near their work and causing mass displacement.

    Rent control has to be part of a sensible answer, this is a puff PR piece which falsely claims savings.

  8. Leon Wolfeson

    And if you don’t want a 3-year tenancy, with the built-in assumption that fees MUST rise every year?

    You’re going to have a lot of people on technically illegal tenancies because they can’t afford the rises, not to mention the major rent hike the official contracts will have.

  9. Nicholas Poulcherios

    As long as they are fair regulations the tenant pays the rent,and the landlord pays also Mortgage…remember this not all landlords have 100% income. I know my friend who spent £2000 repairs 2 years ago for damages by the tenants. They must be responsible for their repairs must realise services cost money.Do the garden,and care for their repairs,light bulbs and blockages to gutterings. No VAT added to maintenance bills,and Agents must not charge anything for repeated contracts,since they already get 10% every month for management. % rates for mortgages to let should be kept low like it is for ordinary houses; not like Maggie’s time higher than a credit card! How is the landlord expected to have low rents. One has to think over this and protect both sides. When the Housing allowance includes the Rent that rent must be given to the Landlord direct if a person on benefits is housed. You have situations where the tenant drinks smokes and does not pay the rent, he has to go and given a short notice to avoid frictions,and tensions…not to keep solicitors getting richer.What security and fairness does the Labour policy gives the Landlords? What about drugs/drink..and the police. Landlords should not be expected to investigate the past of their Tenants. But Landlords have the right to refuse to house tenants that are not safe for their accommodation.

  10. Nicholas Poulcherios

    The fee for finding and vetting a tenant should be paid once by the tenant; the landlord pays the agent 10% every month from the tenants rent, for management. Any repeated Tenancies should be left for the Landlords to ask or do it themselves. Last Labour’s rental policy was a disaster and a nightmare,I mean the one before Maggie’s. Blair kept it unchanged. The Tories sold All council houses to private housing associations and built nothing more!

  11. Guest

    There’s this thing called a “deposit”, you may have heard of it. Moreover, no surprise you’re determined to have tenants pay for landlord’s lack of basic maintenance, and have to do the repairs for them at no cost to the landlord.

    You are, of course, also demanding eviction-on-demand, hence meaning that if tenants won’t pay for repairs, you’ll chuck them out (and no doubt charge them anyway)

    Whining, too, because you *choose* to pay an agent…

  12. Kryten2k35

    General upkeep is the responsibility of the tenant. But things like the boiler, gutter cleaning, paving, pointing and looking after anything the house came with (fridge, freezer, showers, cookers) is the responsibility of the landlord or agent.

    Absolutely they should foot the bill of those things.

    We’ve lived in rented accommodation for 10 years and only had the landlords out twice (though he sends gas engineers yearly to check the property as is law, I presume). Once because the boiler broke and again because the fridge broke.

  13. LB

    Deluded. You think 7,300 bn is a little amount of money

  14. Nicholas Poulcherios

    Hi Kryten2k35.Basic rules of safety no one has to be made or legislate.Peoples’s safety is common sense and of paramount importance as lives are at risk. I know of a Landlord who also had a mortgage,because he loathed the thought of shares…so he did depend on the regular rent…and he put down 25% in the 1980 for this mortgage.It needed a lot of upgrading GCH,DG and placed Fire Alarm system and heat detectors in the Kitchen.The council needed housing for the Local University; They offered help and also approved of the place for 5 students and as he did not have any more funds left he accepted the council grant.. With that he had to keep the house for the university for 2 years.He used the money for a new Kitchen and a new bathroom .He also had to pay for the gardening, and also the water rates!! Proper basins in the all double rooms,and furnished it from local pine wood firms and John Lewis..Desks and bookshelves,office chairs etc.Fully furnished.He met with the students parents/and students on two occasions students left owing £340, and the other £450 pounds…last ones needed and asked for a reference moving on to London Lodgings having passed their exams!.. The landlord started a second full time job from the year before and fortunately the property was not at risk. He did not even mentioned the arrears but on their receipt first time round only. He knew the students character and blossoming youth they promised once they started their business in Graphics 5of them, the other in furniture with the£340.pounds.after 2 years he did not really think he will get his money….but he did! the Furniture one was also epileptic, but he started his business; The others came to see him thanked him for the reference and not black listing them…”this never entered his head”,gave him £450 pounds a lovely paper weight, for his desk and a £20 pound Book token from W.H.Smith’s bookshop. We have a fine body of responsible young men and women our country should be proud of,and same for parents and single mums. Maggie Thatcher went overboard on the % rates higher than a credit card for the buy to let properties! Why? And they kept rising.15-17%. One could not increase rent half way the contracts also half way the students crisis of their exams. No such thoughts came into Maggie’s mind. Overdrafts with the Banks temporary, but the landlord pays. Next the local council started demanding council Tax from landlords for the summer brake as the house was furnished…compulsory clause by the council even if the house was designated exclusively for students and later on same houses past on for head Tenancies by the college…1990 to 2013.On 2010 there was a marked change in student behavior and attitudes…the damages were never less than £2000 and mattresses toasters kettles pinched, rubbish and large superstores trolleys left full of empty heavy booze bottles. It took £400 alone to clean the garden. They filled the loft with rubbish also. A total damage of more than £3000. The house was under an agent this time a lot was not documented. It went to Rent tribunals only because they refused to pay what the Landlord asked for payment the garden clearance on this occasion £300. pounds. They paid instead a total of ££400, as more was added for additional damages. The hostile attitude and the vanity of getting a degree got into their heads? Perhaps also the rough deal they got from the politicians and paying higher fees played a much bigger role on their feelings. Left bills unpaid,changed energy co. and not changing back…and expecting the Landlord to pay! Chaos! This Landlord took it off the college, turned it Unfurnished only had a cooker and a freezer and fridge. Agencies too need to be controlled as they are not always transparent with payments for this and that. Buy to let properties should also have a low %Rate and Tenancy agreements must have a protected clause to prevent % rates going higher in the middle of a contract. They pay and clear their bills and telephones and Council tax when they go. Do not pester the Landlord to pay for these! Councils should built council housing not for sale and the Tenants should be responsible for maintenance repairs.Home care insurance should not have VAT on this and neither should there be VAT on Agents management fee. Landlords can have a Home service care Insurance to cover GasCH, and all the system, Electrical, pluming and gutters. But clumsy dirty cooking and kitchen sinks blocked with lard is not one of them. It also covers Safety annual checks of Gas Boiler Gas fire and gas cooker. the tenant has the copy of the Insurance N0, and Telephone; same details given to the Agent to oversee this and a copy to the Landlord. A direct debit keeps also easy reference. of costs when Tax returns are due. Maggies and Cameron’s economy very ruinous,they are a scandal. To think they say to the people they know the economy better than the Labour Socialists. They have a nerve! Ed is the man for the people all peoples in UK. I certainly had enough of Cameron and Tories dishonesty and propaganda. I shall Vote Labour. #webackEdM Sorry it took so long I had to do some reading and writing in between.

  15. Guest

    No, I’m not you,but thanks for talking about yourself as you spout nonsense.

    Your knowledge of pensions is effectively nil.

  16. Nicholas Poulcherios

    You are obviously got me mistaken for another person.. It happens.I find your statement absurd…did not took the time to continue as its not me at nor what I have stated above. Have a good evening. I only spent 1 hour but it took a whole day tweeter, Facebook and now e-mails. So long.

  17. LB

    Enlighten me.

    What’s the socialist welfare states pension debts?

    State and civil service.

    Remember, if its not a debt, its not going to be paid.

  18. Guest

    No, you don’t want things to be paid, there’s a sharp difference.

    And you are again demanding unpaid information for me, as you fight the invisible socialists. What country do you live in, again, which doesn’t pay pensions?

  19. Guest

    Your post exists, and the reply is accurate to what you posted.

    And you’re inefficient? Well, what does that have to do with anything? Oh, right,

  20. LB

    So you admit that its a debt, but you refuse to say how much is owed?

    Yep, you’re a socialist and you are ripping people off.

    Mr Median pays 4,800 quid a year for his pension, for 47 years. You over 5.7K for 18

    You’re ripping people off,

    You are Bernie Maddoff and I claim my money back, with interest.

  21. How Bloggs.

    I am saying that allowing 4000 incomers a day to settle here exacerbates an already difficult situation re housing and other public services.
    You seem to be yet another one who needs to go to Specsavers.

  22. PeterPuffin

    The problem was the “BAIL Out” of private sector mortgages and the banks that raised debt from 40% GNP to 70% under Brown (not that high but now far far higher post Osbourne disaster but not referenced in “the papers”); if you wish to parrot the propaganda of the Corporate Press and the interests of the 1% maybe they should give you a stipend………………as with climate “sceptics” and the servants of Big Oil.

  23. PeterPuffin

    As a lifelong Labour man and private tenant can I communicate my utter depression with “this so called plan” ; it is common within the Labour family and we are deserting in droves….of the 200,000 units by 2020 of which 50,000 are affordable…….at this rate it will take 100 years to tackle the “waiting lists” so where is the hope for ordinary people?……….Where is the analysis re “Boom and Bust”; I listened to Emma Reynolds at the Generation Rent meeting yesterday and was struck by the utter failure, the gulf, between the politicians (apart from the outstanding Caroline Lucas MP) and the people on the floor. This bodes bad for Parliament and I am afraid to say that i shouted at her when she refused to answer the direct question put to her re rent controls and this “fairer” deal proposed by her that in a corrupted market emphasises “market rents ” (post 2007 that concept is laughable) ties the cash cow of the tenant into the abusive culture that is the private landlord class with their deteriorating stock and damp homes while providing very adequate exemptions to the landlord ( i have been evicted for every one of the exemptions she provides)…let me say this to any Labour person that can communicate to the hierarchy and Ed Balls in particular the architect of this chaos and the 2007/8 crash driven by private landlords and the privatised banks……………he has signed up to the toughest austerity plan in the West……………..well just like in Greece Labour is going to implode under this unless this “plan” is redrawn………………….we need ambition, we need drive, we need some guts and some fire and the only person that is providing that yesterday is the Greens………so may I suggest to the Labour Party that they accept the Greens proposal for a Rent Commission and their housing strategy because at the moment they are not offering an alternative to the British people as is their duty as the Opposition.

  24. LB

    Crap. Really Crap. Not at all the case.

    Here’s how you tell who has been conned, you or me.

    How much did the amount the state owe for just pensions change between 2005 and 2010?

    Now that’s the Brown era. If that is more than 30%, then you have been conned. Pensions are just part of the state’s debts.

    You really do need to be more skeptical. Perhaps I can interest you in a financial product? Once a mark, always a mark.

  25. PeterPuffin

    Private sector mortgages were the debt write off re Northern Rock HBOS and a myriad of small companies………then 500 bn in QE to stabilise the property market……… have a manners deficit also.

  26. LB

    I don’t have a manners problem. Bluntly, you have a making it up problem

    Where do you get 500 bn of QE? You’ve made that up, its 375 bn.

    What’s been done with the money? Er, its been spent on Gilts. It’s been loaned to the government, which has spent it.

    Ill ask my standard question of those who are fans of the state.

    The state has spent every penny of pension contributions. It has no assets as a result. However, it has debts, massive debts.

    How big are those debts?

    We can then compare it with the profits, yes, profits, the state has made from the banking sector.

  27. Nicholas Poulcherios

    Ten minutes to spare. What deposit are you talking about? Deposits in the reference I made were kept by the college and later with the Estate Agents. The rents in the case I did not even mentioned -This guy unemployed was married 10 minutes or so away by car had a house and a family and was renting and claiming Unemployment benefit it seems, and canoodling with a young girl of ?underage. The R.C. Father saw my friend after the church and asked if he was aware of all this? On another occasion my friend saw a Lady coming down the steps of his house pushing the pram down with a young child , another child by her side ..and another one in the tummy. He helped her down and invited her in wondering! She asked him to give her her husband’s rent for her house as he move out since he lost his job! But my friend has not seen any rent from him for 3 consecutive months!. He go rid of him by telling him if he did not move he will be reporting the matter to the Council’s fraud department. Also Father— was considering going to the police regarding a personal matter involving a young girl. He left with 3 months arrears taken from the deposit, and given a month’s rent to the wife via the Father! This was before Mrs.T changed looked to change the housing Act. Another case landing the landlord with an Asian young man with …discovered a month later…enuresis!The new mattress and cover had to be renewed,and he did not want his parents to know the landlord knew…So he got him registered with his GP and proper handling of this so distressing if not well handled. His college work improved and life seemed happier and hopeful. It caused this landlord 2 mattresses and 2 covers until properly managed…What’s 2 mattresses when it ends in human happiness. I know of 3 more cases, but I will finish the this 4th one. A drug pusher, who paid the rent no problems but the landlord discovered from the smell in the house and the constant phone calls but the smell was so very characteristic On rent payment he gave him one week, not a month not a two months to pack his bags and go… the agreement was broken,and he was seemingly pushing perhaps… drugs…and the Landlord would have no choice but to ask the police for help.Saturday end of the week the Landlord called to check and collect the keys. He found him with a chest infection and having an asthma attach! He told him not to worry and drove him to the Wycombe Hospital’s A&E.. after seen by the medics, the Landlord drove him back and let him stay and get better. Visited him again end of the week.and gone home to his parents. Later on in the local paper we read his name as caught by the police! Alas this wonderful Disaster Planning A&E 5 minutes from a very busy Motor way the Tories closed it and now one has to go miles out through villages and towns to reach Stoke-Mandevile-Hospital, an already overstretched and understaffed Hospital. I have no idea where you got deposits and evictions, !! and what makes you an expert of efficiency! you haven’t even read my rather long statements. I could write a whole book about a Landlord’s case book under Tories and another one under Labour. TheTories spoil and pamper the Landlords and the Labour spoils and pampers people on welfare/ unemployed and nearly always leave the Landlord to play welfare and get the damages. One reason why perhaps people insist on Rent guarantors; Or expect the socials services to give the Landlords their Rent direct,and review this in a fair way to the satisfaction of both. All said Vote Labour my friend, because they will build houses NOT FOR SALE. And the Tenant must be responsible for maintenance, repairs and respect for the building.. Landlords Safety/Fire prevention, ware and tare,and a plan for painting/decorating. VOTE LABOUR.

  28. Guest

    No, you want to rob me, screaming that not paying pensions is good, as you fight the invisible socialists, as you demand I work for you and give you figures for free.

    You then spew crap about pensions, making up figures, as your millions roll in. Pay tax.

  29. Guest

    Ah, so you’re crapping thrice on the table now, as you claim pensions are a con, blah blah…of course you see the peons as marks, and must rip them off as much as possible, and you try another scam. As ever.

    Pay tax

  30. Guest

    No, you’re rich, you’re above little things like caring you admitted you were trying to scam someone, as you spout of “PENSIONS MUST NOT BE PAID” as usual, as you demand workers die rather than be allowed to work and pay tax.

    Your claims that the damage the banking sector has done is a profit is typical, too. Pay tax.

  31. Guest

    You are demanding the 99% be blocked from crossing borders, and demanding trade be smashed, so wages can be lowered and living standards destroyed for the British you hate so much, as you blame the Other for everything.

    And oh, you’re going to smash my glasses out of spite, forcing me to spend out more money on your business, I see. Violence and profiteering fits your MO perfectly.

  32. Guest

    Your ranting is almost unreadable.

    And I see, you used illegal threats to evict people rather than following the proper procedure. Stopping there.

  33. Nicholas Poulcherios

    Ranting or no ranting never conned any one. Tenants had an official Rent book this was given with sound advice written at the back; The rents on all occasions were recommended by the officer from the council,or the College or Estate Management Agencies. They were absolutely free to complain to any of those bodies but did not…on the contrary the one with the drugs worried in case he took him to the police! Not being a cocker spaniel sniffing around,he could have been wrong…But the Tenant’s chain reaction of guilt said it all.. Had the police found him in the premises, they would strip all the house looking for more drugs. Disaster! He was not thrown out in the streets he had a home 20 minutes by car where his parents lived. He thought picking on a foreigner in the area was easy pray. In this other case it was glorified fraud,pocketing the rent,that did not belong to him. And canoodling with young girl of foreign European origin.The RC Father did care for his parishioners in the mid 1980s far better than any Gov. Official under Mrs.T.. Sorry to bore you with my ranting, but my writing is limited as I hardly know how to properly use the computer. I took advantage of Gordon’s Gov. Computer Course helping Senior citizens but learned the keyboards and basics. Difficult to space paragraphs and many other details. Its irritating for me also! Practice on my writing course and help from my neighbor. It is easy to judge others but try putting yourself in the Landlords place and the house where you also shared with these kind of people. End of story. I do plan to write a Book on a Lanlord’s case book and toils under the Tories. and part two under Labour.; Also two books one on Mental Nurse’s Case book; Life and Travels NHS Nursing in UK. I am busy Have a good afternoon. It’s very sunny today but it snowed yesterday!.

  34. PeterPuffin

    You have at least marginally corrected your manners problem but you still fail to understand probably willfully that the debt is largely private , that the public sector element increased due to the failure of privatised banks that went “bust” almost within a decade of their demutualisation. Do you remember that Michale Foot proposed a sovereign wealth fund for North Sea oil……..Thatcher vetoed that, all our assets have gone offshore, or are owned by state owned French or German companies; she was effectively a traitor.

  35. LB

    Wrong. Barkingly wrong.

    public sector element increased due to the failure of privatised banks that went “bust”


    There was a bank bailout. The largest element were the liquidity loans. That was called the special liquidity scheme. 1,500 bn pounds. The problem for your thesis is that its all been repaid.

    All drawings under the Scheme were repaid before the Scheme closed.


    So the bank bailout money has all been repaid, so there is no debt as a consequence.

    So how about the real treachery? The problem is that its the socialist welfare state.

    Borrowing, 1,415 bn pounds. see

    Pensions. 7.3 trillion.

    PFI About 0.4 trllion

    Nuclear clean up. 0.15 tillion

    Pensions guarantees. Such as local government, royal mail, bt, another 0.5 trillion.

    So we’re talking a state debt of 9 trillion unless you are going to screw people and not pay the pensions.

    So that’s 9 trillion quid. The wealth of the UK is only 7.3 trillion

    The state owns no assets that can generate the money to pay. The rate of increase alone is 736 bn pounds a year. That exceeds spending.

    What the size of private sector debts and what’s the value of the assets held against the debts?

    For all banks, their assets exceeds their debts. Unlike the state

    For mortgage holders, its just small areas in the NE that have negative equity.

    Tax avoidance is legal. Are you going to screw all pensions, all ISAs? probably. My guess is that you’re a public sector worker, and you realize that your pensions are risk. Of course it is. They’ve spent all your contributions.

  36. LB

    North Sea oil. 64 bn barrels. 40 bn extracted, 24 bn left. 38 quid a barrel. 1.5 trillion worth. Now you can’t get all of that as a fund, and its today’s value. The price was lower in the past, and you’ve got to pay to get it out. It’s not cheap.

    So what about the socialist welfare state? It’s taken every penny of every pension contribution and spent the lot. No fund. Zilch. Zero. That leaves debts because people are still owed a pension.

    Mr Median if they had a fund would have retired with 840,000 pounds in the fund. Instead he has no fund, but a share of the state’s pension debts of 240,000 pounds.

    And you think Foot was good when Foot’s entire way of thinking is that the welfare state could do no wrong.

  37. Leon Wolfeson

    Oh right, the “problem” was not collapsing the economy.
    The problem was not getting value for the bailout, and not prosecuting those responsible for taking on the bad debts in the first place.

  38. Guest

    The poor were allowed to live, so you blame socialists. As you claim, once more, that negative figures after unemploymwent insurance magically becomes 840,000, when a half of that would require return rates seen only in scams…

  39. Guest

    Ah yes, the “treason” of paying pensions. Of having a NHS. Of not allowing the peons to starve in the street. You have repeatedly said you’ll fuck pension-holders, as you say that workers must not be allowed to pay in, by genocide. Again.

    Stop blaming everyone else, Lord Blagger MP.

  40. Guest

    So you wrote nonsense in a rent book – and think this excuses illegal eviction.

    As you show your bigotry against “foreign Eastern origion”, that’s what matters to you there, blah blah…and no, using the space bar and enter key is perfectly simple.

    And I see, you’re flitting around in your private aircraft..

  41. LB

    How much is owed for pensions?

  42. Nicholas Poulcherios

    You are talking a lot of nonsense.making references with no facts and include statements entirely of your own creation.. I now conclude this is the. end. My private aircraft is a paper dingy .A great shame this Tory led Coalition, left the country with no mental health…some people need it.

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