Ipswich Tory council candidate retweets Britain First anti-immigration photo

Ipswich Tory council candidate retweets Britain First anti-immigration photo.

Ipswich Borough Council Elections 2014.

Priory Heath – one vacancy

Mathew Baker (LD)
Michael Chelk (UKIP)
Dan Maguire (Lab)
Andy Shannon (Con)


Priory Heath Ward

Turn out: 32.42 per cent

Surname First name Party Votes
Baker Matthew Liberal Democrat 121
Chelk Michael UK Independence Party 546
Maguire Daniel Labour 908
Shannon Andrew Conservative 490

The politics of Britain First:

  • Britain First is only recently a registered political party. Previously it used the name “National People’s Party”, before deciding to register the Britain First name.

  • BF claim it is not a racist or fascist organisation, yet it propagandises on the traditional far-right issues of Islam, immigration and abortion. It encourages its members to carry out actions like mass emailing and letter writing in a campaign to “Put Britons First”, which the organisation appears to define as anyone who is Christian. So far, it claims that over thirty thousand “actions” have been taken.

  • The BF is closely aligned with the black-led organisation the “Christian People’s Party”, which also had a small dalliance with the BNP when Dowson was fundraising for them.

  • If religion has replaced race as the clarion call in the BF, it does not appear to feel the need to proselytise or seemingly recruit to its cause either non-Christians or BNP hardliners.

  • The party has doomsday prophesy where it believes civilization will end in bloodshed between Christians and Muslims. To this end, the party has stepped up its efforts to antagonised Muslim groups.

Hope not Hate

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