Video: Glenda Jackson MP demolishes Iain Duncan Smith

IDS has "plunged thousands and thousands of our fellow citizens into the most abject penury", said the Labour MP.

IDS has “plunged thousands and thousands of our fellow citizens into the most abject penury”, said the Labour MP

Yesterday’s House of Commons debate on the performance of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) under Iain Duncan Smith was ignited by an intervention by Glenda Jackson. The Labour MP for Hampstead claimed that IDS had “plunged thousands and thousands of our fellow citizens into the most abject penury”.

“We are seeing people on ESA (employment support allowance) who are waiting months before their appeals will be heard, and during that period they are either told to apply to Jobseekers Allowance which they cannot do because they have been told they are unfit for work, and they are absolutely without any kind of financial support at all.”

You can view the video in full above.

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23 Responses to “Video: Glenda Jackson MP demolishes Iain Duncan Smith”

  1. Kevin Coyle

    Does anyone know what time this was on so I can watch the full video?

  2. Kryten2k35

    Please post it if you find it. I’d like to see his response.

  3. ukmaggie45

    Here’s a link, the complete debate starts with IDS (spit) at around 17.40.

    Not sure what time Glenda Jackson comes on, or IDS’ reply, as just watching it now!

    Hope this (a) works, and (b) helps!

  4. Mike

    I like Glenda, but she seems to be regarded as an ‘eccentric”, so her views are not taken seriously; a sort of female Dennis Skinner.

  5. mcrasnich

    That’s unfortunate though. I have the utmost respect for the woman.

  6. keeshond

    A bravura performance. Rather than sounding eccentric Glenda Jackson proves that it is possible to deliver a speech without notes without drawing attention to herself, judging by the lack of interest shown by most of the extras sitting alongside her.

  7. treborc1

    So do I the reason she is seen as being a bit eccentric is because the boys are a bit jealous she can actually say something, without dribbling.

  8. Norfolk29

    Queen Elizabeth 1 accepted the need for welfare during 1597 in the first recognised time for a late medieval monarch to do so. What a pity that a Roman Catholic Secretary of State (IDS) cannot do the same. Well done, Glenda. IDS is a disgrace to his church and his god.

  9. Peter Arnott

    Labour voted with the Tories for the Welfare cap. That is, they agreed in principle that the transient priorities of the few outweigh the needs of the many..and sanctioned the principle in law. Wizard wheeze in the Westminster village. Slow death from self poisoning will follow. Starting in Scotland. (It’s not just the Tories who are toxic now). Nice speech, Glenda…shame about the party who have left you, and your constituents, to rot.

  10. Matthew Blott

    Nice one. This must be one of those nutty people taking over the Labour party Dan Hodges keeps telling us about.

  11. DespairingLabour

    “Bravura performance” ? NO! At 1:17 she got lost in sub-ordinate clauses and then rambled. If a professional actor can’t manage a speech, she should get a professional writer who can.

  12. Lynn Mckenzie

    go Glenda go at a girl I am ILL I have fibro r.s.d.s diabetic with a heart mummer iam not unfit for work ???? iam in esa work group I cant type for more than a couple of minutes my spelling and memoery is shot some days I need help pulling up my own pants how am I souppost to work if I work with mps would one of you help me to the toilet would my boss allow me to go to work in my pjs and slippers cause I cant get dressed

  13. southseabeach

    God? You see the inequality in this world and the millions killed in the name of religion and you still believe there is an invisible man or woman looking over us?
    Grow up and fo something about it. Believe it…no god will ever help you out. The great con is that those in power have millions believing that it’s God’s will that they are poor, starving and homeless

  14. malka

    brilliant savage and true …………..

  15. pillarboxred

    First slice of fiery humanity back by evidence I have heard for ages. She wraps IDSs up very, very well. Real tragedy is anyone listening and digesting? I am so sickened by the state of the Political Intelliegentsia today whose actions towards the poor (including the working poor) have culminated in the creation of the Precariat Class. Shame on us all for not insisting on a new capitalism. Better a civil war than this slow lurch to an economic and educational wasteland for many.

  16. pillarboxred

    and yes, those neighbours were a disgrace, fingering their i-phone – there is such a base lack of manners now as so many individuals do not recognise the basic codes of human behaviour hence we are in this fucked up atmomised state of existance. A Doom on that policical house.

  17. Dff

    Wow way to pick up on a tiny bit of a valid comment and completely blast it out of proportion. Dude, what about sticking to the point at hand made by the comment. If people in this country were half as intent as you in concentrating on our differences we will never be able to get rid of an idiot like IDS.

  18. Norfolk29

    I am an atheist but IDS is a Catholic. I used to be a Catholic so I know the concepts of religion and the justifications used by religious people to condone the existence of hunger and injustice. However, unless we get rid of the coalition next May it will continue for another 5 years of IDS. You should read Nick Cohan’s articles in the Observer if you want to know how bad IDS is

  19. Jake

    I am proud to be a fan of this remarkable woman. We need a lot more like her

  20. Jake

    I am proud to be a fan of this remarkable woman. We need a lot more like her

  21. Fred

    What a load of old tosh – typical socialist “everybody who has nothing deserves everything” speech with no thought at all of who is going to pay for it – after all – it was “new labour” whose policies led the welfare budget to spiral out of control in the first place. Where are the true Socialists? Let them tell us all how it should be done! At least IDS has been brave enough to grasp the nettle. With the New Labour approach the country would be either totally bankrupt by now or taxes would be so high, even the poorest would be paying! Hypocrisy of the highest order – how does this woman get elected?

  22. Sam Coppock

    Then how do you propose we deal with the fact that without “socialism” some people have so little that they cannot get food, they don’t have shelter, they are denied healthcare and education, they cant even travel outside of walking distance?

    These problems are very real and must not be ignored in a developed and civilized society

  23. Tess Cavacuiti

    Well spoken, Glenda Jackson. Such a pity to see the ignorance and apathy of her fellow members. If students in school, or people in the workplace were to sit using their iphones during hours; they would be reprimanded. The elected persons, should at least show interest and support for Ms Jackson’s speech. They too have MANY constituents who have been deeply affected by IDS and his decisions. Shame on them. They set no example or solidarity towards others, what so ever, by sitting and texting.

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