POLL: Should Labour bring back Alan Johnson?

POLL: Should Labour bring Alan Johnson back?

Former cabinet minister David Blunkett has said that Ed Miliband should bring back some “oldies” to his top team, specifically the former postman turned politician Alan Johnson.

Johnson quit his role as shadow chancellor in 2010 and has been on the backbenches ever since.

But is it now the time to bring him back? Could Labour benefit from having someone with a more ‘ordinary’ background in the cabinet, or would it be too much like a return to the past? Let us know by voting in our poll.

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12 Responses to “POLL: Should Labour bring back Alan Johnson?”

  1. jack johnson

    Alan Johnson is a total Blairite so should not have influence on our Party.It’s the Blairites who
    stab Ed Miliband in the back.New Labour lost the support of the working class as they are neocons= Thatcherites who have no place in our Party.

  2. jaydeepee

    Johnson is easily to the right of Tories like Zac Goldsmith. So, it’s a no from me.

  3. Selohesra

    AJ is one of the few Labour MPs who come across as decent sorts – the sort you would happily go out for a beer with. He may be a Blairite or on the right of the party but surely a range of views is healthy. Ed needs some more normal people in his team.

  4. AlanGiles

    Johnson is yet another example of the finger-wagging, authoritarian, do-as-you’re-told discredited Blairite past, in his case instead of being delivered with the usual Oxbridge voice, with a cheek chappy accent. Either is unacceptable, and I wouldn’t take advice from the New Labour Pooteresque diarist.

  5. AlanGiles

    “He may be a Blairite or on the right of the party but surely a range of views is healthy. ”

    Reeves, Hunt, Cooper, Balls….how many more right wingers does he want or need?

  6. SimonB

    Shorter Blunkett: More righties please!

  7. Bazylek

    Alam Johnson would even make a better leader than Ed Miliband

  8. Michael Carey

    No, he was lionised for a while in the media purely because of his mediocrity and the usefulness of his ‘tamed ex-worker’ backstory to conservatism.

  9. Brian F Kirkham

    Mr Johnson happens to have had his time in the limelight – he’s also a prominent guest on a late night political discussion programme – and enjoys occasional criticism of the current leadership….if he were to come back into the fold he’d have to show support for the decisions his leader is making……

  10. swatnan

    He hasn’t much to offer these days.

  11. keggsie

    You are joking

  12. James Collier

    It’s starting to feel like anyone would…

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