Katie Hopkins on stopping poor people having children: ‘difficult to enforce, but I do agree…in principle’

Earlier today I took part in a debate with controverisalist Katie Hopkins.

Earlier today I took part in a debate with controverisalist Katie Hopkins, during which the former Apprentice star said she agreed “in principle” that people on benefits should be “stopped from breeding”. However the policy would be “difficult to enforce”, she added.

The debate came on the back of a tweet by footballer Joey Barton, who lashed out after watching the Channel 4 show Benefits Street, calling for people to require a “licence for breeding”.

Asked if she agreed with Joey Barton, Ms Hopkins replied:

“I think some of these policies are a little bit difficult to enforce, but I do agree with him in principle.”

Yes, because the problem with sterilisation of the poor (how else are you going to stop people having children?) isn’t that it’s extreme or anything, it’s just “difficult to enforce”.

Listen to the debate in full here:

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16 Responses to “Katie Hopkins on stopping poor people having children: ‘difficult to enforce, but I do agree…in principle’”

  1. Scott

    . I wonder if Joey Barton would agree to extending the breeding licence to compulsive aggressive, alcoholic, ex-convicts…

  2. Angela Walton

    well said scott lol

  3. blarg1987

    I wonder would they agree that inderviduals who sit on their ass, do not do anywork, demand talk, yell and scream at other people to get work done, then take all the credit and get a bonus. Should they be steralised? After all they contribute nothing yet cost shareholders money. 😛

  4. Sparky

    Isn’t holding shares contrary to socialist principles?

  5. blarg1987

    And isn’t helping the least well off contrary to capitalism principles?

  6. Matthew Blott

    Katie Hopkins is just the latest rentagob who says outragous things to get heard. Like a three year old that says bum because they think it’s naughty she knows it will get the right people fired up on twitter. Rod Liddle has been doing it for years (in his case as a former Grauniad man I’m not even sure he believes the bollocks he comes out with). The best thing is to ignore her.

  7. steve slater

    Joey Barton…a broken leg, a large bet & 1or 2 more drinks away from being back to a ‘Bin Dipper’. Hopkins? DIAF.

  8. Sparky

    I only ask because you brought it up.

    Say I am a shareholder in Tesco and I own a million shares. At current share price of £3.33. I have shares worth £3.3m, which would make me, in the eyes of a socialist, a rich, greedy scumbag. And yet, in your previous post, you’ve just been lamenting the fact that a lazy boss at Tesco would be costing me money.

    I can only assume that you’ve done this because you don’t understand what a shareholder is. And if you don’t understand that, can we really take your views on capitalism with any seriousness? No.

  9. treborc1

    Yep, sadly she is one of those people that the media and TV types love and Barton of course is just a thicko who does not understand his parents would have been the one done and he’d not be here now. dam pity.

  10. blarg1987

    I do know what a shareholder is, I only raised it as would be curious to know if they would be treated with the same attitude as people on benefits or be considered a striver.

    For the record my views are slightly left of centre but that does not make mean a socilist or communist, otherwise the same logic would mean people who’s views are slightly right of cente would be facists.

  11. JC

    Helping the least well off is part of capitalist principles/ Many capitalists do it.

    Socialists, however, expect the state to do it for them.

  12. blarg1987

    It is not capitalist principles to help the least well off, it is peoples principles to help the least well off. it is true many people with both left and right wing views do help the least well off.

  13. swatnan

    The fact is you can’t stop young girls and women like that from having children even if you trired. Having a child is the only way out of their miserable existance, and the only way these women have of some kind of affection, very different from the troubled homes they come from. Little do they realise that a child means responsibility, and many simply are not capable of that kind of responsibility, so the State has to pick up the pieces, yet again..

  14. Remarx

    Godfrey’s law or not

  15. Remarx


  16. Remarx

    I’ll start again!! Godfrey’s law or not, I can’t help but get the shivers at such ideas. They are too much like those of the Nazi’s. There i’ve said it. But seriously, I really thought we in the West were growing out of such ideas – obviously not.

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