The tweet that sums up the English Defence League

The tweet that sums up the English Defence League

Does Tommy Robinson, aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon, know something that we don’t? #PrayforSalman


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7 Responses to “The tweet that sums up the English Defence League”

  1. Ross Eeney Ovatuyer

    “Who was that masked man anyway?”
    “That, son, was the lone painter.”

  2. Scott

    Love the crude spelling of Rushdie as well

  3. Paul Oliver

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Rushdie’s still alive.

  4. Blaise Cendrars


  5. james

    Thats the whole point lol

  6. Matt Eece says Anne

    Robin: Holy oil on canvass Batman, there’s some twat in England who thinks that Van Gogh was a religious agitator.
    Batman: Dipstick – as they say in Peck Ham.

  7. Chainborne

    Um, he doesn’t mean the artist. Theo Van Gogh was the Dutch producer of the film ‘Submission’, highly critical of Islam, for which he was murdered in 2004. So that bit is accurate if nothing else.

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