What’s the alternative?

What's the alternative? Newington and East Walworth Labour party are holding a debate in Southwark for local residents on the alternative to the Coalition's cuts.

Eleanor Kerslake is Secretary of the Newington and East Walworth Labour party

Debates on what the Labour party can offer Britain after the financial crash take place every day: at local meetings, in workplaces, pubs and homes across the country. Less commonly do those of us having such debates speak directly with thought leaders and policy makers tasked with answering this question.

To address the need for such a local political debate one Labour Party branch has invited key figures from the party to get out of the Westminster think tank comfort zone and come and speak to local residents in an area of London bearing the sharp end of the coalition government’s cuts.

We have set three objectives for the event:

– to recognise that Labour cannot only oppose cuts – it has to offer an alternative

– to understand how decisions about the economy impact on local services

– to underline the strength of our opposition to the Tory-led coalition’s programme (which is wholly supported by Simon Hughes, the local MP)

The idea is not to push one position or movement but to understand what alternative Labour should offer. What will make the economy stronger and fairer? How can society be improved?

Speakers include Lord Maurice Glasman (academic, social thinker and leading proponent of “Blue Labour”), Lord Roy Kennedy (Labour peer and electoral commissioner), Cllr Peter John (Leader of Southwark Council), Ann Pettifore (Fellow of the New Economics Foundation, co-author of the ‘Green New Deal’, and an analyst of the global financial system), and Cllr Patrick Diamond (Southwark Council, and former policy advisor to the previous government).

This event is hosted by Newington and East Walworth Labour Party branch at 7:30pm on Thursday 14 July at St Paul’s Church Lorrimore Square . Lorrimore Square is 5 minutes walk from Kennington Underground Station.

If you would like to attend please email [email protected] to reserve a place. The event is open to members and non-members alike.

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