Nick Clegg the musical

Watch all your Westminster favourites in action in Nicked: Nick Clegg the musical, featuring Sam Hodges as David Cameron. Watch the video here!

Feeling down this gloomy Sunday? Bored of the old Blair/Brown stories? Tired of all the haters having a go at Ed Miliband? Well, look no further, for we have the answer: Nicked, the musical, featuring all your Westminster favourites, telling the story of those six days in May, and the first year of the coalition, viewed through the eyes of the Liberal Democrat leader.

Here’s a taster:

The show, which debuted at the HighTide Festival in Suffolk, was showcased in the West End last week, with the show’s creators pursuing the possibility of an afterlife for the production.

Samuel Hodges, the show’s producer, told Left Foot Forward:

“The show definitely has huge potential, but is also a moveable feast, with the clear possibility for developing the show, both musically and in terms of content, to respond to events still in the future.”

Hodges, who plays David Cameron in the show, added:

“The play is a direct response to our current coalition government, with the first half portraying the five days during which negotiations were made between parties, resulting in a Lib-Con alliance. The second half takes us from the first day of government through to the referendum on AV that took place last week, charting the tragic decline of one Nick Clegg.

“Richard Marsh, the writer, is a brilliant performance poet and playwright, and most of the book is written in verse, which, combined with the modern, urban sound of Rogue Nouveau, the composer, delivers an electric, unique and funny piece for today. Where else will you find a beatboxing George Osborne supporting a rapping David Cameron, as he ‘battles’ with David Davis in the 1922 committee?”

Where indeed?!

So there you have it, Nick, Dave and Ed, chilling out, maxing, relaxing and spinning, and hopefully coming soon to a theatre near you…

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