Building the UK’s Netroots

2011 is shaping up to be a promising year for online progressives in the UK. The first Netroots UK conference is in London on Saturday 8 January.

2011 is shaping up to be a promising year for online progressives in the UK. We reported earlier this month that left blogs had been making most of the running in the latest Wikio blog rankings, with Liberal Conspiracy and ourselves grabbing the two top spots. Now we’re pleased to announce another major milestone for UK progressives that should really give the movement a boost online.

The Netroots UK conference is taking place in London on Saturday 8 January. It’ll be a day of strategic debate, hands-on training, and networking for grassroots activists from all parts of the progressive movement.

Linking together activists from the worlds of progressive politics, economic justice, international development, trade unions, community groups and more, the event is a first step towards a more connected and effective progressive movement online, echoing the groundbreaking work of the annual Netroots Nation conference in the US.

Left Foot Forward will be there, as will the good folks from Liberal Conspiracy, Blue State Digital, 38 degrees, Compass, Robin Hood Tax campaign, Hope Not Hate, and False Economy among many other organisations and groups. We’re planning dozens of workshops and keynotes, with some great speakers from the UK and US alike.

Founded by US grassroots progressives five years ago, Netroots Nation inspired a generation to organise online and campaign offline against the greed, human rights abuses, and economic folly of the Bush administration.

Now Netroots UK could be the start of the progressive fightback here against the Government’s decimation of public services and dismantling of the welfare state.

Hope to see you there! Tickets are just £5 and include a free lunch so book your ticket online now at

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