Cameron’s speech unraveling fast

David Cameron's Tory party conference speech is unraveling fast - with many false facts and unfair accusations, like his unfounded attack on Ed Balls.

Following our line-by-line fisking of the prime minister’s speech yesterday, more of David Cameron’s claims have come under scrutiny – with last night’s Newsnight exposing the hollowness of his attack on Ed Balls over “winners” and “aspiration”.

Mr Cameron said of Mr Balls:

…he said one of the dangers of our schools policy was that it would create winners. Winners! I mean we can’t possibly have winners. I mean the danger that your child might go to a school and turn out to be a winner. Anti-aspiration, anti-success, anti-parents who just want the best for their children…”

Yet, as Michael Crick revealed, the former schools secretary had actually said:

“The danger is that there will be winners in this policy, but it is dishonest not to say that there will be losers as well.

Watch it:

Additionally, Channel 4 News’s Cathy Newman has fact-checked Mr Cameron’s speech, finding fault with his statements on academies, university places, the NHS, parallels with Greece and crime – the latter particularly egregious since, as Left Foot Forward has repeatedly reported, crime actually fell 43 per cent during Labour’s time in power.

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