Adam Boulton loses it

Serious matters are taking place tonight but we wouldn’t be a blog if we didn’t engage in a bit of mischief.

Earlier this evening, Sky’s Adam Boulton interviewed Alastair Campbell about Gordon Brown’s resignation and – to put it mildly – completely lost it.

Watch it:

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81 Responses to “Adam Boulton loses it”

  1. pam lorenz

    @marklittlenews Do you know .. are all the reporters at SKY mental?

  2. Mick Hogben

    RT @leftfootfwd: VIDEO: Adam Boulton loses it with @campbellclaret

  3. Rebecca Wilkinson

    RT @leftfootfwd VIDEO: Adam Boulton loses it with @campbellclaret >> best tv in a long time.

  4. janet

    Alastair Campbell was very offensive by telling the viewer what Adam Boulton was thinking. I have never seen Alastair Campbell in such a belligerent mood as though he was putting two fingers up to the British voter. It seems the cabal of him, Mandelson and Adonis are well able to manipulate the situation regardless of the voters expression. I am horrified and it has quite put me off ever voting for the party again. We did lose the election, we lost seats and share of the vote. I think all of this wheeling and dealing is grubby and an insult to the electorate.

  5. molly buck

    adam bolton is a disgrace anyone who is labour he speaks over them , does not give them chance to answer questions, he has done this through out the campaign so bias. perhaps he would do better to stand for mp for the conservatives at next election

  6. agent cooper

    The murdoch mask slips! Fantastic.

  7. Soren Goard

    Not a great week for Sky dignity at all really…

  8. Cindy Conway

    I was on Wikipedia and one of the items stated under ‘Notable Credits’ was that Adam Boulton is a Conservative Supporter. Less than half an hour later it has been removed and all that is there now is ‘Political Editor – Sky News’. This was changed after the verbal attack on Campbell.

  9. Billy Blofeld

    After 13 years of Labour spin – 24×7 – people understandably want to head-butt professional idiots like Alastair Campbell and watch a resulting spray of blood and smashed nasal bone fly through the air.

    We know when we are being manipulated and played and we have just voted for an end of to it. To find that the corrupt circus continuing is an insult.

    Well done Boulton.

  10. Brian

    The evil empire dont like it,when things dont go their way do they?,Campbell would have won he’s taller,longer reach and the fact that Boulton is a bawbag of the highest order,his bias is obvious,Sky news is now Faux News for the UK.

  11. Vegan Panda

    RT @leftfootfwd: Adam Boulton loses it

  12. noveltyshoe

    RT @leftfootfwd: Adam Boulton loses it

  13. Lady J

    I am enjoying the anger of the bi-as (bias) media, the BBC included , to my disgust. The media is beside themselves with anger that the Lib-Dems have not bowed down to their man Cameron. Dimbleby had a fit at Alister Darling for Labour daring to talk to the Lib-dems.

  14. Lady J

    Guys, please email/telephone your local Lib-Dem MPs/Counsellors and remind them that if it was not for us, the Labour Voters tactical vote that helped many Lib-Dem MPs into power, and that without us, the Lib-Dem’s number of votes would have been abysmal.

  15. phil padgett

    Adam Boulton has lost it several times today. He is in danger of bringing the brilliant sky news team into disrepute. He is supposed to be an independent political commentator but today he seemed more like an angry conservative MP.

  16. Claire Taylor

    What a disgrace Adam Boulton is he is so anti Labour i didn’t think sky presenters where allowed to be so biased.

  17. Red Rag

    Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse for Boutlon, he completely lost it, with Bradshaw this time…the man needs some medication

  18. Lady J

    Claire, please note; virtually all the media has behaved like a team of Cameron cheerleaders, including the BBC and Channel 4 news. As a Labour MP said, ‘If Gordon Brown walked on water, the media would still call it a failure’. Disgraceful behaviour by the media.

  19. Anon E Mouse

    Forget the New Labour tagline…

    Honest Labour – John Reid, Diane Abbot, David Blunkett
    Dishonest Labour – Alistair Campbell, Ben Bradshaw, Peter Hain

    Labour lost the election and as Blunkett said this morning the electorate will punish Labour for this at the next election.

    This business about “more people voted not for the winning party (Tories)” – we do not operate in that system, it’s just a poor excuse by the losers.

    Personally I wouldn’t work with the Lib Dems if I was Cameron; they are a bunch of s*%ts and this will cost them BIG TIME – if this is what PR type politics looks like then put it in a referendum…

    Labour lost the election last week and the longer this farce continues the worse for them in the future.

  20. raymond

    Adam Boulton is only employed by Murdoch but will get a large bonus for his extraordinary behavior yesterdays intereview with mr campbell.
    His face was a picture or rage when Gordon Brown wrong footed them, an hour ealier mr boulton was teelling the great british public of the pending marriage of the tories to the lib dems. Sky news off balanced or what ?

  21. Andrew Rosemeyer

    Adam Boulton lost his image in his interview w/ Alastair Campbel! well out of order Shame on Skynews!

  22. carol Potts

    well said combell…i do think Boulton need some tablets as well…OFCOM will stay as a media regulator no matter how much you try Boultom.

  23. Paddy

    Adam Boulton punched Denis Healey in the face back in 1987 – he’s got history of losing it when he’s not winning an argument. Incredible that he’s having an argument when he’s meant to be presenting a news feature. Shows you why he’s working for Murdoch and not a proper news team.

  24. Graham Johnston

    Boulton is so rabidly Tory that half the labour party attended his wedding (including TB) Hilarious that labour supporters are slagging off Murdoch’s machine when they have used it for everything they’re worth over the last 13 years of spin. Labour is a disgrace and has been for a long time – more bloody right wing than the old Tory party used to be.

    Labour have been booted out for a very good reason, they have squandered years of unprecedented prosperity with very few improvements managed in key areas such as education, policing, and the NHS. The only reason they’ve not been given an even bigger (and what would have been a well-deserved)kicking at the polls is that the Tory and lib-dem opposition are so woeful.

    People are sick of labours beurocracy and target setting culture, where police, teachers and doctors & nurses spend more time filling in paperwork than actually doing their jobs and are consistently undermined.

    Who ever is in power needs to rstore confidence our major in our education and justice systems and to a lesser extent our health professionals and make sure that the limited amount of money that is going to be available over the next few years is focused on professionals in the front line delivering essential services

  25. Kathy

    I will never watch sky news again. This man boulton is so bias, its so clear he is not for Labur, but even if he is not he should be more professional. What a disgrace!!

  26. James

    After watching the debate on youtube, I feel it was rather out of place for Adam Bouldon to point out that Labour hadn’t done so well in the polling. A politician is never going to say that his party has lost as it would make him look like he hasn’t got trust in his party and it would leave a negative impression of his party to whoever watched the clip (Which as you can see by the amount of blogs there are for this small incident is quite alot.) I remember watching one of the televised debates where Nick Clegg asked David Cameron a straight Yes/No question, and David answered it with an essay on a subject completely different. This leads me to the Conclusion that David did not have an answer to the question or his answer would have given a negative output about the Conservatives.
    On the other hand, Alistair Campbell did play into Adam Bouldon’s hands, making himself look like the aggressor at times, aswell as publically displaying his frustration about the poor results for Labour during the Election.
    What surprised me is that Adam Bouldon and Alistair Campbell seemed completely unaware that a fair majority of the population weren’t even allowed a vote.
    Thank God I’m an expat and don’t have to get muddled up with all this Political woh-hah that the british Government has become.

  27. James

    apologies for the mispelling of Adam Boulton’s name

  28. Shamik Das

    Adam Boulton calm at #Leveson, u mite even say he's showing DIGNITY… Wonder if he'll lose it again?? @campbellclaret

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