“They’ll turn Great Britain into Little Britain”

New poster launched tonight.

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23 Responses to ““They’ll turn Great Britain into Little Britain””

  1. Robert

    Oh no!

    A LOT of people do not watch Little Britain.

    I don’t.

    This is meaningless to me.

    All I see is someone taking the piss out of Hague by putting him in a wheelchair. Disability discrimination made legit by Labour.

    Crap advert. We do not need this.

  2. Bill Kristol-Balls

    That is truly, truly terrible.

  3. Paul Williams

    What on earth is going on! This is an apalling poster! Whoever thought this was a good idea should be thoroughly ashamed!

    This is negative, says nothing about what Labour will do after the election, says nothing substantial about the Tories and is not particularly kind to people with disabilities either.

    I’m genuinely very angry that money could be wasted on this drivel! Please RETHINK!

  4. john

    What is left foot forward’s view on this poster?

  5. Tom

    Wait, this isn’t a joke?

  6. Robert

    This must be a spoof – please?


  7. golabour

    what is going on – why do we have such an appallingly bad poster? I thought the Tories were bad – if we keep up like this then I will abstain from voting this election!

  8. joe fd

    Agree with Robert. Embarrassing.

  9. Rob

    WOW. Just wow. Smearing your opponent by putting him in wheel chair. I think someone allready pointed out cameroons dead child was disabled. If i was cameroon id want to punch whoever made that.

  10. Ed Jacobs

    As I understand, Gordon Brown’s child as cystic fibrosis which is also a disability. Its the ultimate tragedy that both our Prime Minister and Opposition Leader have had to go through such similar tragedies. Plus, I these really are spoofs and not Labour party posters – for a start, nowhere on them do they say the word Labour.

  11. Matthew Taylor

    RT @leftfootfwd: "They'll turn Great Britain into Little Britain" http://is.gd/bE1nT

  12. cim

    Ed Jacobs and others hoping they’re a spoof: Here’s the poster on the main Labour website. Definitely the real thing.

    I am incredibly disappointed to see Labour – a party that claims to be “determined that the UK should always be a world leader in disability rights” is using a poster that so heavily relies on ableist stereotypes to get its point across, and have written to both my local candidate and the party to ask them to withdraw it immediately.

  13. Will Straw

    Thanks for all the comments. This poster was produced by the Labour party during the debate in response to Gordon Brown’s line that David Cameron’s policy was “Big Society at home, Little Britain abroad”.

    I thought it was a good line and I think it’s a good poster which is why I posted it. Little Britain is one of the best known comedies of the last decade and “Lou & Andy” was arguably the most famous sketch on the show. As anyone who watches the show will know, Andy was not actually disabled and conned Lou into pushing him around.

    When I initially tweeted the image at 10pm there were a lot of RTs and a range of comments including:
    @LuckMuckyKnees – Amazing! RT @wdjstraw POSTER: “They’ll turn Great Britain into Little Britain” http://bit.ly/95dtsU
    @grantblowers – RT @wdjstraw POSTER: “They’ll turn Great Britain into Little Britain” http://bit.ly/95dtsU >Excellent poster!
    @dlindsell – Is this offensive or funny?-> POSTER: “They’ll turn Great Britain into Little Britain” http://bit.ly/95dtsU (via @wdjstraw)
    @novocastrianrob – @wdjstraw That poster’s awful. Get rid of it if it’s left foot forward’s.
    @northernheckler – @wdjstraw that’s a big vote loser Will – dreadful. Got to lose that poster.

    Personally, I don’t think it’s offensive and think that most people who see it (probably quite a small group since I can’t imagine there are any plans to buy billboard sites for it) will have a chuckle too. But I can see why others have taken a different perspective and it would certainly be a pity if the good line in the speech was overshadowed by the ensuing controversy over the poster.

  14. Evidence based? Really?

    How is this evidence based?

  15. cim

    “As anyone who watches the show will know, Andy was not actually disabled and conned Lou into pushing him around.”

    As if “disabled people are really faking it” wasn’t such a common ableist stereotype. (and indeed “disabled people are unintelligent” and “disabled people have unpleasant personalities”, both of which were also used by the show). That really does not improve the context this poster is in!

    And… I’m not sure of the relevance of that to the poster. Hague is conning Cameron into pushing him around? Eh?

    “Personally, I don’t think it’s offensive and think that most people who see it […] will have a chuckle too.”

    That “humour” at the expense of disabled people usually gets a laugh is pretty well known, but that doesn’t make it right. It’s not really about the offensiveness of it, but about the harm using and thus reinforcing ableism does to disabled people and to wider society.

  16. cim

    …and it’s now gone from the Labour website.

  17. Robert

    GB’s words were fine in the debate – punchy and memorable and good.

    Whoever dreams up these posters should realise not everyone lives their lives. Not everyone lives in their bubble. Not everyone has their sense of humour.

    Even though they share the same politics.

  18. Rob

    Will you do yourself no service by defending this, you simply look like a mandarine. Admit it was a cock up and simply move on.

  19. Shamik Das

    It’s called humour. If you’re offended by the Little Britain tv show, or the Lou & Andy sketch in particular or are unaware of the sketch, well, fair enough, maybe you have a right to be offended.

    On disabled rights generally, Labour has a record to be proud of.

  20. rob

    There is a difference between what is viable in comedy sketch and what is viable in politics. I understand the general point that it is trying to make, that dosnt stop it being amazingly dumb in execution.

  21. cim

    Shamik Das: It’s called humour.

    Yes, believe it or not, the people criticising this poster are fully aware that it was intended to be funny.

    In my opinion, the use of humour that relies on bigotry to be funny is something that any organisation that claims to be “progressive” or “committed to equality” should never use and should condemn rather than condone.

    If you’re offended […]

    As I said above, it’s not primarily about whether people are offended. I’m not particularly offended by it. Contemptuous, yes. Disappointed, yes. Angry, yes. But offended? No, not really.

    “On disabled rights generally, Labour has a record to be proud of.”

    This is very debatable but I do accept that recent Labour governments have also passed legislation intended to improve rights and equality for disabled people. That’s why this poster was so disappointing, because it suggest Labour is only for those rights and equalities when it’s convenient for them, rather than viewing working for equality as something that needs to be integrated into everything it does.

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