Party leaders to face civil society in “fourth debate”

London Citizens, a grassroots civil society organisation, have this evening announced that all three party leaders will appear at their assembly in London on Monday. Newsnight’s Paul Mason, who got the scoop, tweeted, “4th debate by proxy?”

Citizens UK Executive Director, Neil Jameson, speaking exclusively to Left Foot Forward said:

“I’m delighted that civil society in the form of London Citizens has been given the chance to respond during the election. We hope that all three party leaders will be engaging with us on our issues in a respectful way. On Monday, we’ll be meeting with 2,500 representatives of the most informed and organised citizens in the UK.”

It is understood that Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and Nick Clegg have been invited to speak for 10 minutes explaining why their party is the best for civil society. A senior cabinet Minister has also agreed to attend. They are expected to respond to six questions during their remarks.

London Citizens are looking for a response to the following demands:

• build the living wage into all government contracts

• a 20 per cent cap on commercial lending and massive investment in third sector, mutual forms of banking like credit unions

• action to regularise the plight of irregular workers

• pledge to no longer put children and families into detention centres

• pioneer radical forms of affordable housing including community land trusts

• a commitment to work with London Citizens during their time in office, seen by Mr Jameson as the “most important”

The Labour party manifesto is the only to contain pledges on the living wage in the public sector while the Liberal Democrats are committed to an amnesty for immigrants. The Conservative party last month announced the creation of 5,000 new community organisers.

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