London crime: Tories make it up as they go along

The Tory Head of Press tweeted this morning that crime in London was at its lowest level for 10 years. But a candidate called London the crime capital of Europe.

The Conservatives have tied themselves in knots over crime statistics before with Chris Grayling rebuked by the Chairman of the UK Statistics Authority. But the Tories had, at least, been consistent … until today that is. Their Head of Press published a tweet this morning which directly contradicted one of his party’s candidates.

Earlier this week Tory PPC for Edmonton, Andrew Charalambous, was criticised for distributing a leaflet featuring a bloodied machete and the misleading slogan “Labour cuts: violent crime up 44% under Labour”.

Tory blogger MTPT jumped to his defence citing the stats used on the reverse of the leaflet, which says:

“Under Labour we have become the crime capital of Europe”.

Someone clearly forgot to tell the Tories’ spinner in chief who this morning tweeted:

“London crime at lowest level for 10 yrs. Figs out today also show number of murders lowest for decades”

For the record, Mr Macrory is, of course, right.

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