BNP candidate’s homophobic attack “beyond the pale”

A BNP leader has called for kissing between men to be banned in public. The BNP leader in East Sussex, also attacked the "morals and honesty" of a gay Tory MP.

A BNP leader has called for kissing between men to be banned in public. Nick Prince, the BNP leader in East Sussex, also attacked the “morals and honesty” of a gay Conservative MP. Prince attacked Bexhill and Battle MP Greg Barker after criticising gay adoption and same-sex public displays of affection.

Barker responded by saying:

“The BNP is completely beyond the pale and I have no intention in entering into a debate with that sort of people.”

Prince’s bigotry follows Iain Dale’s recent interview with Nick Griffin in which the BNP leader claimed his party are “not anti gay” and “have got gay members”, this despite describing men kissing in public as “creepy”, echoing his remarks on Question Time in which he the sight of two men kissing in public was “really creepy”.

In the interview, Griffin’s mask further slipped when he came out against civil partnerships, ranting about “the left’s war against marriage and the family” and the “hard core Marxist left who have infiltrated their ideas into all aspects of our society”.

Elsewhere, a well-connected Tory councillor has also been exposed for making homophobic remarks. Writing on Facebook, Wirral borough councillor Denis Knowles, who defected from Labour in May, said:

“An unusual group of young boys leafletting … of the limp wristed variety and definitely NOT local.”

He later wrote:

Just joined Chris Grayling MP and Leah Fraser on a visit to the Allandale “Youthworks” in Seacombe…”


And last week, Tory leader David Cameron floundered badly in an interview with Gay Times, broadcast on Channel Four News. In it, he failed to commit to supporting the Alli amendment in the Lords which would allow civil partnership ceremonies to be performed on religious premises and once again defended the Tories’ far-Right allies in the European parliament.

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17 Responses to “BNP candidate’s homophobic attack “beyond the pale””

  1. Jayne Innes

    RT @leftfootfwd: BNP candidate's homophobic attack "beyond the pale":

  2. Kristofer Keane

    RT @leftfootfwd: BNP candidate's homophobic attack "beyond the pale":

  3. Eddie

    @leftfootfwd BNP candidate's homophobic attack "beyond the pale": << BNP just lost the gay vote!!

  4. Mr. Sensible

    Griffin doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    And the Tory councillor just goes to show the lack of change in that party.

  5. Billy Blofeld

    I was reading the article on the BNP – and then as soon as the article started trying to associate the Tories with the BNP – I thought to myself, this article must be written by Shamik “Evidence Based” Das.

    I scrolled up – and as sure as eggs are eggs….. this is a Sham-attack.

    In order for the evidence to go full circle, here is a recent photo of Labour’s PPC for Cambridge giving a Nazi salute.

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  7. Billy Blofeld


    I don’t pretend I’m evidence based or fair. You do.

  8. Mr. Sensible

    Billy you never fail.

  9. Liz McShane

    Same old nasty Tories really. Some things never change!

  10. Confused of Croydon

    Agree that Griffin, Knowles etc are knuckle-dragging scum. But I’d be interested to know more about the Alli amendment. If Lord Alli is saying that religious groups should be forced to conduct civil partnerships, even if such things are against their beliefs, then I can’t agree with him. It is not the business of a secular state to lay down religious doctrine.

    “L’Etat chez lui; l’Eglise chez elle”, as our French friends would put it.

  11. Mr. Sensible

    ‘Confused’, I would argue though that if you’re in the public services, for example if you’re a registrar you cannot pick and choose what you preside over and what you do not.

  12. Noxi

    BNP candidate's homophobic attack "beyond the pale" | Left Foot Forward british national party nick griffin

  13. Simon London

    a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

    It’s perfectly clear who the bigots are.

    Most people in this country would wholeheartedly support the proposed ban, and are horrified by homosexualists adopting children.

    You are utterly intolerant of the majority opinion.

    Bigots, hypocrites and PC drones the lot of you.

  14. The nasty party's Easter resurrection | Left Foot Forward

    […] Tuesday, Left Foot Forward reported Tory councillor Denis Knowles’s comments about “an unusual group of young boys leafletting … of the limp wristed variety”; […]

  15. Ed

    Yes Simon, it is. It’s you. For good measure, you’re not just a bigot but a moron. You seriously expect to be taken seriously when you’re going to use terms like homosexualist? Jesus Christ.

  16. Pitbull2k8

    The extremist British National Party has been diligently cultivating its new image of smart suits and ‘legal’ respectability over the last decade. But their MEPs elected in 2009, leader Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons respectively, contradict this image. Griffin studied history and law at Cambridge and Brons lectured in politics and law at Harrogate college, but they have had run-ins with ‘the law’ over their totalitarian racist ideas. In the 1960s Brons was a member of the National Socialist Movement, open admirers of Adolf Hitler, who were responsible for an anti-semitic arson campaign against synagogues. He then joined the National Front where he stood as candidate and edited their far-right manifesto in the 1983 election. In October 1983, Brons led NF supporters handing out virulently intolerant leaflets in Leeds city centre, shouting slogans including “white power” and “death to Jews”. When a police officer of Malaysian origin asked them to disperse, Brons replied: “I am aware of my legal rights. Inferior beings like you probably do not appreciate the principle of free speech.” Brons was convicted of using insulting words and behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace and was fined £50. Nick Griffin had read Hitler’s Mein Kampf by the age of 13, and joined the NF when at public school. He later led a breakaway NF faction with notorious nazi terrorist Roberto Fiore, who was wanted by Italy’s police after the bombing of Bologna railway station in 1980 which left 85 dead and 200 injured. The BNP has considerably ‘moderated’ its public image, but its leaders’ violent, fascist past will always come back to haunt it.

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