Tory spending cut ad disarray

Left Foot Forward reported this morning on Labour’s press conference where the confusion over Conservative spending cut plans were laid bare.

The Tories attempted to retaliate this afternoon with Craig Elder, Online Communities Editor, tweeting at 12.46:

“How we’re using social media and Google ads to highlight Labour’s backfiring attack on spending cuts: #LabourChaos”

But the chaos appears to be in the Conservative camp. When you click on the “Labour chaos on cuts” Google ad shown in the pic above you link to … a blank page.

The lack of substance in the Tory spending cut ad is clearly an allegory for their own spending cut plans.

UPDATE 16.14

Liberal Conspiracy have also noticed this cock up. Sunny Hundal asks, “Who’s going to pay for the hundreds, possibly thousands of pounds wasted?”

UPDATE 16.37

Big sigh of relief in CCHQ as the google ad has now been restored. As tweeted by ConwayW:

“@johnprescott @leftfootfwd The Tories flash google ad working now but enjoyable while it lasted”

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