Miliband trails idea of “reset referendum” in next Parliament

David Miliband used a speech to the parliamentary press gallery today to trail a possible manifesto commitment for a "reset referendum" on the political system.

On the day of a crucial vote on electoral reform, David Miliband used a speech to the parliamentary press gallery to trail the idea of a manifesto commitment to a “reset referendum” on the whole political system.

In a political speech, which focused on the Conservative’s current weaknesses, the foreign secretary said:

“We have a 19th century political system and we need a 21st century one. AV is a taste of the change we need to embrace; and we need to make the change in a way which opens up the political system.

“I actually think the time is ripe for a referendum to refound the whole political system – Commons, Lords, local government, fixed term Parliaments, let’s decide the whole lot together.  The public want it.  It’s our job to give them the chance to vote for it.

“A Reset Referendum in the first half of the next Parliament would bring alive our political system.”

Contrasting the Government’s relish for the forthcoming “change election” with the Conservative’s “fear”, the foreign secretary said:

“For us, the equation is simple.  The Prime Minister said this is a change election.  We only win this election if we are the party offering a better future than the Tories.  All tactics, all strategy, are linked by a commitment to offer real change in people’s lives in a future quite different from the past.

“Real change not personnel change.  That drives our tactics and strategy…

“Cameron talks change – but from what to what? It’s actually embarrassing”

Earlier, he made light of pictures of him taken at the 2008 party conference brandishing a banana:

“I think I was ahead of the curve on bananas.”

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