Anti-Sikh BNP’s shameful attempt to exploit murder victim

The BNP have attempted to exploit the death of Sukhwinder Singh. BNP leader Nick Griffin has proposed sending all Sikhs to India.

BNP London Assembly Member Richard Barnbrook has sought to make political capital out of the murder of Sukhwinder Singh, stabbed to death by robbers in Barking last Friday.

Barnbrook, writing on his Daily Telegraph blog, almost appears sincere, yet the real motive for his apparent “personal message” soon becomes clear, in the comments and on the BNP’s “London Patriot” website, where BNP member and 2004 Assembly candidate Carlos Cortiglia – who also has a Telegraph blog – writes:

“The suspects? The usual suspects are most most probably out of work and living on benefits and with all the time in the world to go around ‘culturally enriching the United Kingdom’.”

The next post on the the website is titled “Immigration: What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing”. In May 2008, the Telegraph published a post (since pulled) titled “Blame the Immigrants” in which Barnbrook wrote:

“I have had enough of political correctness. I have had enough of people being afraid to actually say what they really want to say. Yes….It is the immigrants.

And last year BNP leader Nick Griffin proposed removing all Sikhs to India.

He said:

Lots of Sikhs would go home and West London wouldn’be so crowded at the rush hour time. Everybody’s happier.”

No one from The Daily Telegraph was available for comment.

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