‘Right on’ in Brighton: Protestors’ voices

Protesters in Brighton on Sunday called for the scrapping of tuition fees, an end to testing in primary schools, and nationalisation of parts of the renewable energy industry.

Mark Flower, a former blade technician at Vestas on the Isle of Wight, now unemployed and back at college studying to get some GCSEs, said:

“Despite Ed Miliband saying he’s going to make half a million green jobs he can’t keep 500 to 600 jobs on the Isle of Wight making turbine blades … [Miliband should] subsidise the industry, nationalise parts of the industry, do whatever he can. At the moment it’s just words from him.”

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Sarah Tomlinson, branch secretary of Lambeth National Union of Teachers, said:

“I think the testing regime that leads to a competitive league table of schools is just so unhealthy, it makes teachers compete against each other, it leads to bullying, it leads to an excessive work load, and it leads to – as we saw in the Unicef study – the most miserable children in the western world. The UK came the bottom of 21 countries.”

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Merman from Kent University Student Socialists said:

“Labour hasn’t fulfiled its obligation to the workers and the people of this country. It’s – as the name implies – supposed to the party representing labour, the people that produce wealth in this country, but instead it’s become the party of business.”

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