UK Statistics Authority asked to look at government use of school sports stats

Shadow education secretary Andy Burnham today told the Commons he had written to the UK Statistics Authority to look at the government’s use of statistics in school sport. Mr Burnham was speaking during the Opposition Day School Sports Funding Debate, in which he implored education secretary Michael Gove to rethink his decision to abolish School Sport Partnerships.

IDS forced to correct statistics again

Following yesterday’s article on Left Foot Forward that discussed Douglas Alexander’s exposing of three counts of statistical misuse by Iain Duncan Smith, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has released a written ministerial statement clarifying his remarks.

Another balls-up by Calamity Chris!

Gaffe-prone work and pensions minister Chris Grayling has made another stunning statistical screw-up – over-estimating the proportion of London households in which no one has ever worked by a factor of more than 3:1.