Dugdale says Corbyn is ‘not competent’ to lead Labour

Scottish leader says she could not do her job if 80 per cent of colleagues had lost confidence


Jeremy Corbyn is ‘not competent’ as Leader of the Labour Party, according to the party’s leader in Scotland.

In her first major appearance, since Labour’s civil war erupted, Kezia Dugdale addressed criticisms from party members in Scotland who are supporting Corbyn to continue as leader.

Speaking about the importance of a leader having the support of their parliamentary colleagues she explained:

“I respect and really appreciate the mandate and the trust that many people in this room placed in me.

“If I then had to go into the Parliament and work with colleagues, 80 per cent of which did not want me to be there, I would find my job incredibly difficult if not impossible.”

Asked in a press briefing afterwards Corbyn was competent to be leader, she said, ‘if he’s lost the faith of 80 per cent of his colleagues then he can’t do his job, he’s therefore not competent to do his job.’

Dugdale’s comments will only further exacerbate splits within the Scottish Party over the issue of the UK wide leadership, with her Deputy, Alex Rowley, calling for Labour MPs to stand united behind Jeremy Corbyn in the face of a divided Conservative party.

Dugdale further used her contribution at an event focused on addressing the concerns of those Scots who voted to leave the EU argued that the remain campaign ‘neither attempted to vigorously defend immigration or really come up with the solutions that would have satisfied people.’

She went on to echo comments made previously by Ruth Davidson, Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, by arguing that it would be ‘categorically wrong’ to refuse a second independence referendum ‘if there was a compelling sense that the Scottish people wanted a second referendum’.

Dugdale has already been criticised for her comments by Labour activists loyal to Corbyn.

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