Green party’s Sian Berry launches London mayor campaign manifesto

Mayoral candidate proposes rent caps, no new airport runways and 200,000 homes


The Green Party’s candidate for mayor of London launched her campaign manifesto today, with housing as a central plank of her election platform.

Sian Berry has proposed setting up a London Renters Union funded by City Hall to help people organise to lobby the mayor, tackle rising rents and expose rogue lettings agents.

She has also pledged to try and introduce rent controls across London and build 200,000 homes.

Ms Berry has said these homes should be built by smaller companies and housing associations.

She is also proposing a Central Bank for London to support small businesses, lower transport fares, abolishing the current zones by 2025, investing in community policing, and a range of policies to tackle pollution in the capital.

Ms Berry opposes new runways at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports, and wants to close City Airport to build a new quarter for London.

She also supports a living wage for all Londoners.

Sian Berry is currently a councillor in Camden for Highgate ward since her election in 2014 and works as a transport campaigner.

Her manifesto also covers the Green Party’s bid for seats on the London Assembly this year.

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3 Responses to “Green party’s Sian Berry launches London mayor campaign manifesto”

  1. Ross Armour

    The democratic left wing policies of the Green Party are much to be admired. I am a Labour Party member but constantly admire ideas the Greens put forward. They are a party on the rise and will likely be a strong political force in the years ahead

  2. Judith Sluglett

    I echo Ross Armour’s comment.

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