He voted against benefit exceptions for cancer patients: meet the new minister for disabled people

Sounds like he's brimming with compassion

The new minister for Disabled People at the Department of Work and Pensions is no friend of the vulnerable if his voting record is anything to go by.

Justin Tomlinson MP, who David Cameron appointed this morning in his cabinet reshuffle, voted for a number of draconian policies directed at disabled people over the course of the previous parliament.

These included:

  • Voting against 365-day exceptions on contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance for those undergoing cancer treatment:

Justin Tomlinson

  • Voting for the Bedroom Tax:

Justin Tomlinson 2

  • Voting against the long-term sick and disabled receiving Employment and Support Allowance on the same basis as if they had made sufficient National Insurance contributions to qualify for a contribution-based allowance:

Justin Tomlinson 3

  • Voting against setting the lower rate of Universal Credit in relation to disabled children at a minimum two-thirds of the higher rate:

Justin Tomlinson 4

  • Voting against allowing benefits to increase in line with prices:

Justin Tomlinson 5


Sounds like he’s brimming with compassion.


Source: They Work For You

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64 Responses to “He voted against benefit exceptions for cancer patients: meet the new minister for disabled people”

  1. Janet T-Tremaine

    Is there hope then that you won’t be claiming your £12,000 per annum “gift” before you have to pay tax – or are you one of the lucky ones where that doesn’t help your household budget?

  2. Janet T-Tremaine

    Go to the following link and read the many instances where court cases have yielded money back to the government: https://www.gov.uk/government/policies/tax-evasion-and-avoidance. This quote is just one mentioned there:
    “High street retailer Next has been hit with a £22.4m tax bill after a
    court ruled the firm’s complex tax scheme was artificial tax avoidance”. Did you ever hear of the Labour government before 2010 reclaiming an amount that big? As I say, this figure is just one of many.

  3. Janet T-Tremaine

    Here’s a particularly good piece of news.
    “HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has secured three tribunal wins against
    tax avoidance schemes, protecting over £260 million in tax”. Sounds good to me!!!

  4. Janet T-Tremaine

    What a puerile ignorant post indicative of a troglodyte without any social finesse to express what they think before sinking into the gutter.

  5. Janet T-Tremaine

    You lot are so brainwashed that you are unable to see a good thing when it is put before you – as in pearls before swine.

  6. Janet T-Tremaine

    What on earth are you on about Ian? Are you trying to be “dark and mysteruious” or what?

  7. Janet T-Tremaine

    Get your head out of the sand Tom – the Human Rights Act has faults that allow criminals to stay in this country instead of being deported back to their own country where they carried out horrendous crimes. It will be replaced with a British Bill of Rights which is still being worked on and which has to go through parliament, where ALL the political parties will have a say and be able to see it before it is accepted and then be brought into law – or that is how I understand it.

  8. Janet T-Tremaine


  9. Janet T-Tremaine

    Grow up – you don’t realise how lucky you are to live in this country.

  10. Keith M

    There is no point trying to understand the mind of Tories. you seem to be saying that he is a good thing. I suppose you feel attacking the most vulnerable fits this category – hope you never need them. Typical Tory smugness.

  11. Ian Jd Andrews

    Nothing Dark or Mysterious here, here is how one accident can change your life

    My Accident at work was in December 2011, it left me disabled and unable to work, by the time I had been assessed, rejected, appealed, re-applied accepted and finally paid the benefits I was legally entitled to, we had lost our life savings, car and had our house repossessed, this is just one story of life in this country over the last 6 years

  12. Janet T-Tremaine

    As I said, Keith – It hasn’t been drawn up yet; so not sure how you got to see it???

  13. Janet T-Tremaine

    Sorry to hear of your accident Ian, and sincerely hope things have improved. Just seeing you on here and I had a thought that maybe you are missing an opportunity of perhaps using your skills to do research for a writer (try approaching publishing houses etc and you never know, they may be looking for someone to proofread various works – could be novels, manuscripts, etc – or to research facts for a writer). Alternatively, what about you becoming a writer? Your English is superb and I am sure there is plenty you have to write about such as interests shared with your family and friends, a guide to accessing help for other disabled folk (there is a lot on the GOV.UK website that may be interesting to you. I don’t mean to be presumptious by making suggestions but I felt the need to tell you my thoughts. Just ignore them if you so wish; I will understand. Best wishes.

  14. Janet T-Tremaine

    By the way, Ian, I don’t know this guy and maybe he regrets voting the way he did. Although I voted Tory this last time, we can still hold all MPs to account and make yur voice heard if he doesn’t do his job properly – he should really be EARNING his salary by looking after his constituents. I have an appointment with my MP tomorrow about something we discussed on the doorstep before the GE; my MP really does earn her keep and works for the good of ALL in this constituency.

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