He voted against benefit exceptions for cancer patients: meet the new minister for disabled people

Sounds like he's brimming with compassion

The new minister for Disabled People at the Department of Work and Pensions is no friend of the vulnerable if his voting record is anything to go by.

Justin Tomlinson MP, who David Cameron appointed this morning in his cabinet reshuffle, voted for a number of draconian policies directed at disabled people over the course of the previous parliament.

These included:

  • Voting against 365-day exceptions on contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance for those undergoing cancer treatment:

Justin Tomlinson

  • Voting for the Bedroom Tax:

Justin Tomlinson 2

  • Voting against the long-term sick and disabled receiving Employment and Support Allowance on the same basis as if they had made sufficient National Insurance contributions to qualify for a contribution-based allowance:

Justin Tomlinson 3

  • Voting against setting the lower rate of Universal Credit in relation to disabled children at a minimum two-thirds of the higher rate:

Justin Tomlinson 4

  • Voting against allowing benefits to increase in line with prices:

Justin Tomlinson 5


Sounds like he’s brimming with compassion.


Source: They Work For You

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