He thinks feminists are ‘obnoxious bigots’: meet the new justice minister

Dominic Raab is no more keen on the Equality Act than he is on the Human Rights Act


Esher and Walton MP Dominic Raab has just been made justice minister alongside Michael Gove.

Raab is a longtime critic of the Human Rights Act – this appointment looks like David Cameron’s way of saying he is serious about scrapping it. In January 2014 Raab voted to allow human rights grounds to be used to prevent a foreign criminal being deported only in cases where there would be a breach of right to life or the right not to be tortured.

In 2013, he voted to remove the duty on the Commission for Equality and Human Rights to work to support the development of a society in which people’s ability to achieve their potential is not limited by prejudice or discrimination.

And in 2013 he also voted against making it illegal to discriminate on grounds of caste.

Raab also took an unusual stance on gender equality in 2011, when he expressed his fears that ‘from the cradle to the grave, men are getting a raw deal’. He attacked the ‘obnoxious bigotry’ of feminists and complained that men work longer hours than women (no mention of pay gap etc).

“While we have some of the toughest anti-discrimination laws in the world, we are blind to some of the most flagrant discrimination – against men.”

Seeming to have fallen at the first hurdle – assuming that feminism is anti-men  – Raab also suggested that men start ‘burning their briefs’, presumably as a long- overdue retaliation against the feminists of the sixties (who did not, in fact, burn their bras.)

Raab’s diatribe continued:

“Britain’s not perfect, and we will never eradicate all human prejudice.”

This is especially true when we do not understand that prejudice. Another interesting choice from David Cameron.

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398 Responses to “He thinks feminists are ‘obnoxious bigots’: meet the new justice minister”

  1. Rex

    No one said women were stupid.. you’re being melodramatic and over-emotional yet again. I said they avoided most dangerous and physically demanding jobs and that someone needed to do them, and we should be grateful to the men who do. Nothing wrong with that. Don’t get your knickers in a twist.

    Blah blah spoon feed me education etc, now you sound like a Feminist. Feminists do nothing but try to ‘educate’ people, then run away and say they aren’t being paid and don’t have time to do it, when their shitty little 5yr old level arguments get torn to shreds.

    Misaligned men? I think you meant ‘maligned’ dear. Perhaps you should re-read and edit your posts like I do, instead of just venting and running. And yes they ARE being maligned. There’s an ‘ENORMOUS WEIGHT OF EVIDENCE’ that they are. We have fewer legal rights than women. And we need to change that to have equal protection and have our equal value recognized by our society. End of argument.

    Your post says nothing… it’s just venting emotions. No logic. Feminists have you fooled. They aren’t doing jack s**t for men. And they aren’t doing bugger all for women either.


  2. Fr.Duffy Fighting 69th

    Potty mouth.

  3. Stephan Crabtree

    feminism is anti-men. It’s about destroying men, and bringing all women under the control of a political hierarchy. You just have to read their literature. They’re insane bigots, bent on killing off all men. They’re human filth, best ignored.

  4. Roy McCone

    Feminism is against men. Otherwise, we wouldn’t freak out about female suicide/bullying, since men suffer it exponentially more. Women get respect for their womanhood by default, and feminists give them the rite of passage on everything; but men are not afforded such things, instead having to abandon all “masculine” traits in order to become a feminist. Hell, most feminists don’t even like the idea of male feminists – they use the term “male feminist ally” to alienate men further, even when they’re on their side.

  5. Roy McCone

    Men are incomplete women, men are by their nature sick with a mental illness. Men are misogynistic pigs. Women are oppressed in all aspects of life, even when men are suffering statistically more from it.

    But we’re not anti-men.

  6. suchmehclit

    There are 100,000 of words which are related to males and mean both men and women… So one word with the word FEM and you throw your dummies out the pram.
    Its mainly cause the cause was made by women! You see the first ever author was a women… yet why is it later on in life women had to put “Brothers” or there initials to even have anyone read there books cause if they had a feminine name… nobody read them.

    As for the person moaning about medical funding for women… Did you know almost ALL medicines are based around male autonomy ? So most studies are based around… yes men? So when I get ill and medicine dose not work, the dose is wrong its usually down to that.

    Yes very privileged females…

    Feminism means equality for genders… That means that a man or women can do any job and not be ridiculed… A man would be able to sit at home do the cleaning and care for children and a women can go be a game designer and nobody batter an eyelid… and it also to be fine the other way around. A women to not be ridiculed to being a housewife ether! Its all about choice of both parties and to be able for anyone and everyone to do what they want and not be judged over whats between there legs.

    To have male contraception, is a feminist issue. Alot of what the MRA go on about has been deceased with feminist groups for decades because what ever effects womens equality also liberates men (a good example of this is boys were once not allowed to cry) I can list many ways men have benefited from feminism. However as your too lazy to do some research yourself… I suggest you go read a book and find out.

  7. disqus_QL05BqU79X

    I’ve done research on the subject for 15 years and am probably one of the country’s civilian experts thereon, hence why I know what feminism is. It’s a supremacist movement. And I know quite a lot about etymology and your claim about male words is drivel. Oh and I can spell. Common sense for the win!

    Call feminism what you like; it will be judged on its actions and not the strained definitions of its brainwashed adherents. It’s done nothing but destroy, as it was designed to do.

  8. suchmehclit

    *Cclaim?* ^.^

    Spelling isn’t common sense… etymology of the word girl used to be unisex… men used to mean human and women used to mean married women…. Which is why in some countries you call all women girl or you can offend them by basically saying there old. I love etymology and I find it fascinating because men are a default word, He is a default word… So why is feminist having the word FEM in it such a big deal? It was created to gain equality for women by women.. however it has stretched on such a wider scale now. Feminism is there to make you question gender roles… to discuss what is right and what is wrong. Why (Wo)men do xyz. What effects this has on men and women.. there are tons of books on masculinity written by feminist women and the woes of men. Also why is it that I find no matter what I have to always talk about men before I can even discuss female issues… did you even look up about how bad medical treatment is for women on a whole? A more recent post for example…. Like what are they doing really?


    Again Anarcho Feminism for the win.

  9. disqus_QL05BqU79X

    You’re really not worth the effort, sorry. You can’t spell, write coherent sentences, you quote the HuffPost (which is pretty much now run under the rule of feminist tenets) and have no idea how brainwashed you are. The Dunning-Kruger effect was named for people like you.

    I hope one day you can loosen your grip and lean a few things. Until then, you’re just another sock-puppet who has not a clue what feminism or anarchy are. They are mutually exclusive for a start.

  10. suchmehclit

    Learn*** 😉 Lean?.

    “Can’t spell” Yeah pot calls kettle. You sir have never met me… So how exactly do you know if I am aware if I am a anarchist or a feminist. Who are you to tell me what an ideology means? I am a feminist who believes in peace and equality. Let me ask you what exactly have you done to think your some how of higher intellect than me when all you have done is said I can’t spell when you spell things right yourself? Only pulled away from points I have made and not provided anything to make me want to agree empathize or other wise with you. Don’t put words in peoples mouths and make assumptions it makes the world a little better.

    Also as someone who brushes someone off for being dyslexic as stupid. I can hardly believe you are a supporter of equality when you disregard someone with a disability. So screw you.

  11. suchmehclit

    Takes two to tango in a sexual encounter… Some people don’t want kids but are anti abortion.. fight for equal child birth control then you are onto something. Why shouldn’t a man want to provide for there child is what gets me. Its your flesh and blood and this bollocks view of brushing ALL responsibilities of care giving to children onto women is absurd until you have owned a womb, gone through the feeling of having a living thing inside of you I don’t think you have the right to tell someone to have or not to have a child… If a man refuses to pay his way towards a child that can also lead to forced abortions.. It gets ugly. Use your head.

  12. suchmehclit

    Thats bollocks, I have read plenty of material about how rape on men is traumatic and not enough support is given… Oh it was a feminist. Good grief you guys are so tunnel visioned its not even funny.

  13. suchmehclit

    1. It gave our economy a huge, long-lasting boost.

    Women’s integration in the workforce after World War II translated into massive macroeconomic gains. Given that ladies make up approximately half of the workforce, their integration had huge positive ripple effects in all industries. And we shouldn’t stop there: Incorporating even more women in the workforce can help keep our economy vibrant.

    According to the Economist, the empowerment of career women is one of the most defining changes in the industrialized world: “Goldman Sachs calculates that, leaving all other things equal, increasing women’s participation in the labor market to male levels will boost GDP by 21% in Italy, 19% in Spain, 16% in Japan, 9% in America, France and Germany and 8% in Britain.” 2. It helped men achieve better relationships and more satisfying sex.

    It’s a well-known fact that women highly respect a guy who’s willing to do his share around the house. Judging by the number of gawk-worthy “porn for women” slideshows, ladies are turned on when their partners reveal a little more of their domestic side. But what about men? What do they stand to gain?

    Research shows that men who share domestic tasks with their wives report being happier and have more sex, so it looks like liberating women from the shackles of the double-day burden ain’t so bad for men after all.

    Men who date feminists also report better relationship satisfaction and better sex, which means that contrary to anti-feminist wisdom, feminist women aren’t boner shrinkers after all.3. It successfully overturned laws that discriminate against men.

    As gender discrimination became more and more of a popular topic of discussion in the 1970s, people began noticing traces of unequal treatment in other aspects of American law.

    In 1976, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional to treat women and men differently under the law. The case, Craig v. Boren, was filled by a plaintiff in Oklahoma over its gender-specific drinking age policy, which prohibited men from drinking before age 21, but allowed women to drink when as young as 18. This implied that men are inherently more reckless and women are more responsible. After the law was struck down, the drinking age became 21 for all.

    According to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the ruling determined much more than just Oklahoma’s drinking age. It determined that the “familiar stereotype: the active boy, aggressive and assertive; the passive girl, docile and submissive” was “not fit to be written into law.” So the next time you’re drinking, raise a glass in honor of RBG.4. It made life a little easier for single men.

    Over the course of their lengthy legal careers, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her husband joined forces only once, to advocate for single men. The case, Moritz v. Commissioner, challenged the fact that not all men could request dependent care deductions. Although tax deductions were given to women, widowers and divorced men, single males slipped through the cracks. Ending this discriminatory policy was one of Ginsburg’s many victories using the 14th Amendment to end the enshrinement of gender discrimination into law.5. It expanded the possibility of more sexy time opportunities.

    Last time I checked, men enjoy sex, and many of them enjoy having sex with women. The sexual revolution affected women as well as men: It gave women the ability to pursue sexual activities much more freely, which naturally altered sexual dynamics in this country. If more dudes knew that women’s ability to have sex with them was dependant on the accessibility of birth control, maybe everyone would stop calling it a “woman’s issue.”

    Anil Dash, an entrepreneur and writer in New York City, wholeheartedly agrees. “At a functional level, the widespread, inexpensive availability is a huge benefit to straight and straightish guys for an obvious reason: Sex is fun!” he told PolicyMic. But that’s not the only benefit. “Beyond the selfish benefits for men, there’s the basic human compassion of wanting people I love to have agency over the essential aspects of their health and their lives,” Dash said.

    And birth control is not just about sex: It’s also about reproductive control. Most men enjoy determining the spacing of each child.

    Dash certainly does. “I’ve been able to make smarter, more thoughtful decisions about how to time my career, my being a parent and my other obligations because of the flexibility and freedom afforded to me by having easy access to birth control,” he said. “It let me hold off on becoming a dad until I had gotten closer to being a man worthy of being one.”6. It gave men more reproductive control through abortion legalization.#3259262 / gettyimages.com

    Although the burdens of pregnancy and childbirth biologically fall on women, men bear the consequences of children too. Because the expansion of reproductive rights affects their personal lives, they are a central part of the conversation. Anil Dash believes that liberating women ultimately gives men more freedom.

    “I see as a husband, a father, and a friend to other husbands and fathers who have been in the same situation, that we’ve been able to better serve our families and our communities because our wives and partners have had authority over what happens with their bodies,” he told PolicyMic. “Freeing women to have control frees us men who have built our lives with them.”

    That’s why NARAL organizes events like Men for Choice, where men can coalesce around issues of reproductive justice. According to Samantha Gordon, director of public affairs at NARAL, they’ve been “a huge success.” Men have showed up and raised money towards helping families get access to the services and information they need. Gordon told PolicyMic that it’s a priority for NARAL to “reach out to men and really makes them feel involved, so these types of fundraisers have become a perfect way to do that.”

    Another important lesser known fact is that men get abortions too. When we only view abortion as a “woman’s issue,” we exclude gender non-conforming or trans people who need abortions every year.7. It triggered the FBI to change the definition of rape to include men.Via: Tri Vo

    Did you know that until recently, the FBI’s definition of rape was as old-fashioned as the horse and buggy? That is, until feminist activists decided to change that. Thanks to the “Rape Is Rape” campaign launched by the Feminist Majority Foundation and Ms. magazine, more than 160,000 emails were sent to the FBI pressuring it to change its archaic definition of rape. The old definition, “carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will,” hadn’t been changed since 1921. It meant that many types of sexual assaults, including the rape of men, weren’t counted as part of the bureau’s annual Uniform Crime Report.

    When the decision was announced, then-VP and General Counsel of the Feminist Majority Foundation Kim Gandy said, “This is a major policy change and will dramatically impact the way rape is tracked and reported nationwide.”

    The new definition now includes all forms of penetration and no longer excludes men.
    8. It gave men some well-deserved time off from work.

    Prior to the Family and Medical Leave Act, workers in the United States didn’t have any protection under the law for family or medical-related leave. That meant that your boss could legally fire you for taking time off to care for your kids, yourself or a sick relative.

    The impetus for the law came after the formal recognition that “the lack of employment policies to accommodate working parents can force individuals to choose between job security and parenting,” and that “due to the nature of the roles of men and women in our society, the primary responsibility for family caretaking often falls on women.”

    The law ensures 12 weeks of unpaid leave for all U.S. workers for every 12-month period to care for themselves or a loved one. Although women were at the forefront of this fight, it allowed all workers to acquire much-deserved time off for caretaking.

    The National Organization for Women and many other women’s organizations believe the law didn’t go far enough, however, and it’s fighting for expansions to provide workers with paid leave that would benefit all workers, male and female.

    9. It helped male survivors of violence in the military pursue justice.Via: Pinterest

    Despite the fact that most of the concerted efforts to eradicate sexual assault in the military has come from female politicians such as Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) and Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), laws intended to curb sexual assault affect men just as much as women. Women may be more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than be killed through enemy combat, but overall the majority of military sexual assault victims are male. That’s why organizations like Male Survivor or Men Can End Rape are so important, to make sure that men have a chance to make their voices heard.10. It ensured that the burden of war doesn’t only fall on male shoulders.Via: Tumblr

    When the U.S. Department of Defense decided to end the discriminatory policy of banning women from combat roles in the military, it didn’t only help female soldiers, it benefitted their male peers too. Allowing women on the front lines in 2013 opened up 237,000 military jobs that were previously off-limits to females, which gave relief to the male members of the military. Charles Clymer, a PolicyMic columnist and army veteran, said that everyone benefits from women entering combat roles.

    “When we do this, we’re doubling our potential for greatness in military leadership, instead of limiting ourselves by eliminating half of our available talent. Further, studies have shown that mixed-gender units demonstrate smarter thinking,” he told PolicyMic.

    Moreover, Clymer believes this takes some pressure off men. “Because 85% of our military is male, this reduces an unfair burden placed on men to take on dangerous assignments for our national security. Feminists have always recognized the injustice of drafting only men, and as a man and veteran, that shows me they are just as much about men as they do women,” he said.11. It made the struggle for civil rights a reality.

    Women of color didn’t only participate in the the civil rights movement, they were at the forefront of it. Without their sweat, blood and tears, the movement wouldn’t have been successful, and yet their participation is often understated.

    Even the role of iconic figures like Rosa Parks have been diminished in popular culture. Although we often remember her as a single-cause activist (refusing to give up her seat to a white person in a bus), she dedicated her entire life to racial justice. Among many other things, Parks spent many years serving as an officer of a local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and was intensely involved in the Scottsboro Boys trial.

    Brittney Cooper, assistant professor of women’s and gender studies/Africana studies at Rutgers University, says that women were invaluable in the struggle for equal rights. “There is no civil rights struggle without the labor of women. Young women and girls disproportionately were on the frontlines of school desegregation efforts,” she told PolicyMic.

    The Montgomery bus boycott, for instance, would have been impossible without women. Cooper explains, “It was successful in large measure because of Jo Ann Robinson and the Women’s Political Council.” She also believes Pauli Murray and Ruth Bader Ginsburg were incremental because they “helped ensure that the word ‘sex’ made it into the 1964 Civil Rights Act.” 12. It kept prisons safer for male inmates.

    Anti-sexual violence efforts don’t just benefit women, they often provide accountability and services for male victims of rape as well. The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003, spearheaded by prominent feminist activist Lovisa Stannow, advocated for the 200,000 inmates who are sexually abused in U.S. prisons and jails every year, most of whom are men. The organization she heads, Just Detention International, also helped draft and get the bill through Congress.

    Thanks to the tireless efforts of Stannow, who used to work as the executive director of the Pacific Institute for Women’s Health, the federal government must carry out a comprehensive statistical review and analysis of the incidence and effects of prison rape for each calendar year. This mandate extends to prisons, jails, juvenile facilities, military jails and Indian country facilities.13. It enabled men to spend more time with their children.Via: Tumblr

    That women can bring home a pretty big chunk of change through paid work means men can work less and spend more time with their kids, something that’s good for both children and their fathers. The time fathers spend with their children is not only rewarding, it’s also more purposeful, and contributes to happiness more than time spent working. Thanks to feminist activism, paternity leave exists, and more men are taking advantage of it.

    The effects on children are immeasurable. Children who spend more time with their fathers are more likely to succeed academically and less likely to abuse drugs and be delinquent. In fact, research shows that children whose fathers can do more than 40% of chores inside the home are more likely to excel in school.

    Clearly, when men have the ability to spend more time at home, everyone wins.14. It expanded the definition of hate crimes to include all identities.

    The National Organization for Women, along with many other social justice organizations lead the efforts to change the definition of hate crimes to include gender, sexual orientation and disability. The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act was passed in 2009 in Congress and expanded the scope of what counts as a hate crime. Before this law, only unlawful acts on the basis of race, religion and national origin were included in the category. Expanding what is considered a hate crime has offered well-deserved protection to the LGBTQ community under federal law.15. It helped shatter stereotypes about HIV/AIDS patients.#73389566 / gettyimages.com

    Did you know that women were deeply involved in demanding justice for AIDS victims in the 1980s? Princess Diana, for instance, was hailed as a feminist icon for her involvement in “radical” causes like HIV. She was the also first high-profile figure to be photographed touching a person with the disease and to have HIV/AIDS charities among her patron charities, something that had a pivotal impact on the public perception of AIDS.

    “HIV does not make people dangerous to know. You can shake their hands and give them a hug. Heaven knows they need it,” the royal once told reporters, at a time where many fervently believed the disease could be transmitted through simple contact.

    Challenging the commonly held notion that patients with gay men were to blame for AIDS were to blame for their illness, Princess Diana made sure to embrace patients, including gay men. Although the demographics of AIDS have drastically changed over time, homosexual men were disproportionately affected in the ’80s, so much so that the disease was labelled “gay cancer.”

    And if Princess Diana’s commitment to helping men with AIDS isn’t enough to convince you, the major AIDS-fighting drug was actually also invented by a woman.16. It ensured that men get the vital reproductive health services.

    Planned Parenthood may have been founded by a woman and be generally perceived as a “women’s health organization,” but it provides services for men too. Planned Parenthood VP of Communications Eric Ferrero toldPolicyMic that although a large number of men come to offer support for their female partner, many show up to get the vitally important services they need.

    “Planned Parenthood health centers provide preventive health care for men, including testing and treatment of STDs, including HIV testing, and sexual health information and education. In fact, in the last 10 years, Planned Parenthood has more than doubled the number of male patients we see nationwide for health issues that affect men,” Ferrero told PolicyMic.

    According to Planned Parenthood’s records, their male client base increased by a whopping 83% between 2002 and 2012. And this doesn’t just extend to certain types of men: It’s all men, whether they are straight, gay, bisexual, queer or trans. There’s a real effort to integrate programs and services geared towards trans men and women and members of the LGBTQ community.

    For instance, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte has a program for trans patients, while Planned Parenthood Ithaca offers specific services for LGTBQ folks. The organization also works to answer questions from the trans community, like this query from a man asking for birth control that can get rid of his period without increasing his estrogen intake.

    Ferrero couldn’t be prouder of his organization’s role in helping men. “At Planned Parenthood, we realize that our incredible patients and supporters don’t comprise any one identity, and we’re grateful for the many men — volunteers, staff and supporters — who work every day to ensure that people in communities across the country get the health care and information they need,” he said.17. It built a more inclusive world, one feminist celebrity at a time.Via: Instagram

    You may not be aware of it, but the feminist pop icon Beyoncé has helped men, and not just because she encouraged their girlfriends to believe they “woke up like dis.” The singer has gone out of her way to put her support behind the LGBTQ community, and gay men in particular.

    When Queen Bey’s not crushing the patriarchy, she’s crushing heternormativity by ensuring that her products don’t reinforce stereotypes about who we’re supposed to love.

    For instance, her Valentines Day couples’ underwear kits offered the product with a healthy dose of diversity. Instead of simply coming in male and female options, she made a male-male and female-female varieties to include all couples.

    She’s also been vocal about the cherished place gay men have in her heart. “I’ve always had a connection [with my gay fans]. Most of my audience is actually women and my gay fans, and I’ve seen a lot of the younger boys kind of grow up to my music. It’s great when I’m able to do the meet and greets, because I’m able to really connect and have conversations,” she told Pride Source.

  14. Rex

    Suchmehclit – If you are a woman then you have numerous birth control options. Men only have 2. Women have all the legal rights around children. Men are forced to just go along with whatever the woman decides. It is not equal.
    Would you want to ‘pay your way’ for a child you had no rights over? I’m sick to death of this bullshit that women come out with of ‘it takes 2 to tango’ – yes it does! And it is not the man who can get physicaly pregnant. It is the woman. And she has been given many ways to avoid a pregnancy.

    If you don’t want the child and don’t want an abortion then take responsibility for what is growing inside YOUR body and pay for it’s care after it’s adopted out or pay for it yourself.. instead the helpless woman flaps her arms expecting the State to pay for all that or for a guy she had casual sex with one night without a condom. There are no equal rights in any of this because we are not biologicially identical.

    So use Your head. You already have more than equal child birth control. What other ways can men prevent a baby? Condom, abstinence or vasectomy. That is it… condom is not 100% foolproof and accidents can still happen. Even a vasectomy occasionally goes wrong and traces of sperm still get through. Why should he just have to live with whatever decision the woman makes then? NO. He Must have equal legal rights regarding the baby. He should be allowed to adopt his rights to it away just like the mother can. That would be fair and trust me men would definitely make use of that right.

  15. disqus_QL05BqU79X

    LOLz! You’ve just quoted a load of feminist sources, all of which are faked to ensure these sources keep their funding, almost all of which is paid for by men through higher taxation.

    Our economy in the UK is in freefall toward collapse. We’re screwed. 47% of the GDP is spent on the public sector (80% female) and growing. Women were shoehorned into the workplace in the 1970s (but only in safe, easy work) so they could be TAXED by the state.

    Fatherlessness is the single greatest contributing factor in crime and feminism has pushed for it more than any other thing. It was always feminism’s primary aim to remove fathers from families, right from the off. Hence why Social Services kidnap children to quota and family courts rule as they do and men who cannot pay child support at levels set by courts – as high as 90% of take-home earnings – are jailed. That’s feminism in a nutshell. Destroy families by destroying men. Society falls into line. The state grows and has tighter control over its citizens. It’s Feminism 101. It’s a statist ideology. You’re just a sockpuppet and haven’t worked that out yet.

    The fact that women have never been so unhappy seems to be lost on feminists pushing for more feminism.

    Oh and that you even bring up Sanger’s evil Planned Parenthood (based on racist eugencism from the outset) is a joke. They just got caught selling baby body parts.

    Nah. You’re done here. C-ya.

  16. disqus_QL05BqU79X

    Use yours and read some history. Women are responsible for over 90% of child neglect. Who pays almost 97% of child support? Men have no options at all. We’re the ones the state will kill off if we are not subordinate to women.

    Yes, two people are responsible for a planned child. Two are not quite when a women gets pregnant deliberately without the father’s knowledge or consent, or rapes him for sperm (done at gunpoint in some African countries). This happens ever day. Women can rape young teenaged boys and the courts will make that boy pay money to his rapist in child support. Yes, of course that has happened.

    Rights come with responsibilities. Feminism forces women to have more of the former and none of the latter. If that were not the case, men would not be the majority victims of every social ill. And they are.

    Human beings have been able to breed and get by as best we can for millennia and somehow feminists think men and women all had it wrong until they came along, started a sex war and took over the state.

    Feminism’s time is long up.

  17. suchmehclit

    I do not have multiple ways to birth control. Birth control fucks up your body. End of. Birth control also fails. Abortions can also damage the womb and in some rare cases cause infertility.
    I said we need more birth control for men! So the responsibility and protection is there fore the same for both. I have allergies to latex, Bad reactions to hormonal conception (I am a very calm women and chased someone with a knife on that stuff so you can imagine the fear of not being in control of your mental health being really worth it? When a condom can be used) It is also not 100% full proof… I have been pregnant on hormones as well! So was pumping my body with hormones even worth it in the end? Get an understanding of all the side effects first. I have known so many women who have had problems maybe not as extreme as mine for some but still.

    Anyways I found a really good link which instead of me wasting my time all you need to know is answered here. As quite frankly fed up of MRA’s and anit feminists undoing and not helping feminist goals.


  18. suchmehclit

    And where is this evidence? Also feminists fought for the laws to be changed so rape in laws stretched to men and not women… so sort out your research pal.
    Feminists are not to blame for any of that and this is not a comparisment of who has it worse as I can assure you women have the short end of the stick in that.

  19. suchmehclit

    Fatherlessness was around way before feminism. Fathers used to goto work and eat away from the children and wives. At one point the father would eat, ALONE may I add you then the children and wife would eat the scraps… When women started getting more rights farthers started to see more of there children, Mothers also fought for the right to have there children as they used to be seen as property.

    Again why would you not want to fund your children? They are your flesh and blood. This shouldn’t be about that.. its not like the women are buying cars and splashing out on some magical beans. Its for nappies, dummies, clothes, food they are expensive are you saying a child should live in poverty because you care more about yourself?

    You know if this was the other way around… I feel men would get a free maid and more contributions than what men give. The fact of the matter is that child has not done anything wrong to you. Take responsibilities and use a condom. Just like when women get pregnant… Its a womens fault. 😉 Its always womens and feminists fault isn’t it?

  20. Rex

    Your link is very amusing as underneath someone has posted a comprehensive rebuttal to the bland statements of the wonderful things feminists think they have done for men. I could add further to that list but I doubt my words would penetrate the thick wall of victimhood you have built up around yourself.

    I suggest you take your own advice dear and try putting yourself in a mans shoes for once. You as a woman are NOT the centre of the universe and therefore it’s time our society stopped revolving around your needs and became more inclusive of the whole. There’s a whole other gender out there called men, and there are transgender people too – its time Feminists stopped talking over everyone else and selfishly drowning out their voices.

  21. Rex

    Again you feel the victim… ‘women always have it worse’ in the mind of the Feminist. You are wrong. As the guy said… men are the greater victims of every social ill, including murder, robbery, rape (if you include prison rape, which Feminists never do), child death, homelessness and suicide, to name but a few. Woman by contrast are pampered and spoiled. Evidence that you are spoiled is whining about men sitting on the subway with their legs spread too wide for your tastes and microaggressions and many other infantile whining. You are spoiled.

    Feminists move the goal posts on definitions of rape to suit themselves, so they could make more women victims. They have not helped men in this regard. They stole the term ‘rape culture’ coined in the 90’s to describe the rape of men in prison and made it into a media sideshow cry for young women in colleges. A Feminist, Mary Koss dictated that the rape of a male is just not the same as the rape of a female and must therefore be categorised with a different title. It’s more often called sexual assault and absent from ‘rape’ statistics, leading to Feminists claiming women are greater victims of rape, when in fact its men.

  22. Rex

    Feminists reclassified rape of males as sexual assault and skewed national statistics to claim greater victimhood and therefore get more money and attention from government and media. Care to explain that?

  23. Rex

    Despite women adding to the workforce you only contribute 28% of National Insurance payments… yet women draw disproportionately on NHS services… meaning men are paying for 72% of total services and you use more than your fair share of them. We are carrying you. Time women pulled their weight. Thank god they’ve finally evened out the retirement age gap that discriminated against men for 60 years! Making us work 5 years longer to pay into a system which women take the most out of and worse, because women have longer life expectancies, they claim more in pensions which they worked less than men to pay into! It was an absolute outrage, suffered by men without complaint for decades. Time to pull your weight ladies!

  24. Rex

    You are clearly a troll…. you made numerous spelling mistakes and typos all through your rambling brainwashed incorherent posts. I have lots of dyslexic friends… they make typos but they can still write a sentence that makes sense, stop playing the victim again. The gentleman is quite correct, you really are a sock-puppet mouthpiece for the hateful supremacist movement of feminism.

    Who was this ‘first ever author’ who was a woman please? What was her name?

    Feminism doesn’t ‘mean’ equality for the genders. It is a socio-political movement/ideology that claims to seek a goal of achieving gender equality. That is a VERY different thing. As a vehicle for this change it has actually done considerable damage for not only gender equality but for social harmony and well-being in general. More women have suffered as a result of feminist ideology and practice than you would likely be able to believe.

    Currently it’s produced a generation of infantile, entitled, aggressive, anti-male harpies and lesbians who seem to think that the interests of a small selfish but vocal minority should outweigh those of everyone else and who are perfectly happy to destroy our society in order to achieve their goals and be damned the consequences for everyone else. I look forward to the imminent backlash wave of anti-femism which is about to enter mainstream culture and obliterate rabid cultists like you.

  25. Rex

    Oh the irony of a feminist saying i’m like a child… you are the biggest bunch of babies around. For the record, I’ve actually helped dozens of homeless men. I give guys food and money every day. You are actually speaking to a man who was once homeless and slept on a park bench. You’re quite a moron really. At the centre of your own little universe where no one could possibly understand these issues as well as you do… no one could have as much experience…. How many homeless have you helped she asks… and she’s speaking a guy who used to be homeless hahahaha. Stupid cow.

    How many co-operatives have I helped build? I would like to know how many you helped build?! As it happens I am an activist for housing rights and I have saved many of people from legal actions against them and from homelessness and from eviction and theft from agencies bullying them.

    “Get back to me when you have done actions as they are much louder than words” – said like a child… and all I hear from you is words. Kindly link me to all your charity work then dear. And all the people you’ve helped? You’re talking out of a hole in your arse.

  26. Rex

    What a joke! “It fought for mens right to be teachers” – bullshit! Men were already teachers! And now… teaching is a female DOMINATED profession! 99% of primary school staff are WOMEN…. secondary is also female dominated… I myself worked in teaching for 2 years. There was hardly a man to be seen. The agencies were desperate to recruit guys but they were dropping out in droves because once women had taken over they began to find the presence of any straight man to be ‘intimidating’ or ‘threatening’ and they bullied them out! I call BULLSHIT on your list Suchmehclit! The whole thing is a massive joke and a feminist fantasy!

  27. disqus_sUltx2pHQm

    If you don’t like how women aren’t paying as many taxes as men, then please kindly stop bellowing out of the holes in your arses when women so much as TRY to get a position generally allowing only men to achieve. It is those jobs, after all, which pay enough money for women to catch up in the tax-paying field.

    And to correct another glaring bit of idiocy on your part, it is MEN and BOYS who gobble up the majority of taxpayer money, both men’s and women’s taxes go toward the feeding, housing, and keeping off the streets of male prisoners. Unless you live in some incredible country where males do NOT somehow comprise well over 85% of all jailed and imprisoned people, that well-worn arse of yours should just stop its blathering. It may have a brain as effective as the one you keep in your head, alas, it’s also only as intelligent as the one you keep in your head.

    Time to pull YOUR weight, fellows!

  28. disqus_sUltx2pHQm

    Fatherlessness is NOT the greatest contributor to a criminal future; poverty is. At least if the prisoners are male.

    Male prisons are filled beyond capacity in most countries where feminism is not present high up (such as Sweden, Netherlands, etc., where feminism is respected). Those countries also boast very low poverty levels, but HIGH rates of single mother homes. Yet in countries which men despise feminism (US, UK), prisons not only have disproportionately HIGH rates of male prisoners, but those prisoners share one common thread moreso than having an absentee father: they grew up poor.

    Although many male prisoners DID have an absentee father, or an imprisoned father, or a just plain lazy uninvolved father, that did not matter as much as having POOR parents while growing up. MANY male prisoners grew up with both parents, many also grew up in single-father homes. But those homes were plagued with poverty! Single mothers have a twice-as-likely-chance of being poverty-stricken than do non-mothers. But in feminism-friendly countries, single mothers are NOT likely to be cursed to a life of poverty, ergo their children will not grow up with crime as their outlet of choice.

    I know in anti-feminism countries like the US & UK, men enjoy the comforting fantasy of believing “if only those unfortunate boys had been allowed to have fathers instead of awful, lazy garbage single mothers, none of this would have happened to them”, but that comforting fantasy is just that: a fantasy. A lie men like to repeat ad nauseum to women to shame them for something that is not their fault. So if you *really did want* boys to grow up well enough to not end up in prison, support poor (poverty-stricken) parents, even though sometimes those poor parents will be the gender you have supreme issues against.

    In cases like you, it would be better to keep offspring safe from your bigotry and your comfort with lying.

  29. disqus_sUltx2pHQm

    Also, not only is your “opinion” of feminism incredibly wrong, but your belief that Planned Parenthood was “caught” selling body parts is also a lie. The US blew MILLIONS of dollars trying to find some little morsel of truth in the accusation, and they FAILED in every state where they investigated Planned Parenthood!!!

    Care to say that up is down or left is right then?

  30. disqus_sUltx2pHQm

    You were given the highest privilege life can afford, being white, and being male. And you STILL FAILED?!?

    I bet you can’t even imagine the tumble FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR down the pedestal your life would have been had you been cursed with a full 2 X chromosomes or a non-white phallus.


  31. disqus_sUltx2pHQm

    The Good Men Project is a feminist website that says many good things about men, as do feminists also say good things about men; and unlike the me’s so called men’s rights movement, they actually seek to help men and boys! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c0e1e4f672fb16d6ebd7162364387fca7bea6842639c92bd3e953e9283f30df3.png . Just because feminists dislike rapists and abusers doesn’t mean feminists dislike men, you misandrist!

    Also, your logic equation fails in its solution. The only Toxic Evil Ideology is the one where it wastes all of its time talking against feminism instead of actually helping men, what’s that called again? Oh, yes – the men’s human rights “movement” which never moves, never helps men, and only exists to haunt and taunt females. THAT is the difference between it and feminism – feminism can speak for months in a row without mentioning males’ flaws, but the men’s human rights “movement” has no talking points other than let’s blame men’s suicides and depression upon those feminists, even though men have been historically committing suicides at the current rate since time immemorial.

  32. j.d.troughton

    Your racism and sexism are showing.

  33. disqus_sUltx2pHQm

    FALSE! Demonstrably so. The yesallwomen “campaign” (it wasn’t) was a comforting place for women to share uncomfortable moments of “living while female”. But the usual anti-freedom, anti-woman, anti-equal time crew descended amongst the ladies’ shared experiences, and shoved down the women’s throats a NOTALLMEN hashtag to silence and intimidate them from continuing with the therapeutic sharing. Yes, your silencing tactics scared women into silence, for only the eleventy trillionth time in history.

    So what if NOTALLMEN make kissy sounds at 8 year-old girls? To all of the MANY eight year-old girls who have been followed home by guys trying to get her attention, it didn’t matter that the other 3 billion men weren’t doing it. You simply belong to a hate movement which promulgates the theory that NOTALLMEN do the same bad things as the rest, yet at the same time claiming ALLWOMEN do the same bad things as the rest. THAT alone should tell you how impossibly misguided you are.

    Also, your cartoon is a blatant misrepresentation of not just feminism, but also of those who respond to feminist opinion: Feminists do NOT think all men are rapists, in fact feminism quotes the likely number of rapists as below 2% of all men. EVEN MEN DON’T THINK IT”S THAT LOW. And your cartoon guys responding to the faked feminist? They would never, and have never, said anything like that. Any peep of rape from feminists is met with “YOU’RE ALL LIARS, RAPE DOESN’T HAPPEN IN 1ST WORLD COUNTRIES, NOBODY WOULD RAPE YOU”, and then they would start with the death and rape threats.

    I’ll include a cartoon far more truthful than yours: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0e60e072a99ef50c578a6b1af893487589f2d1d22366f19f73d2035336668e82.jpg

  34. disqus_sUltx2pHQm

    If you’re seeing things that aren’t there, I believe your doctor would call you schizophrenic. But that would be his or her call, not mine.

    You are clearly seeing sexism and racism that do not, and can not exist.

  35. j.d.troughton

    No, you just said some clearly, obnoxiously racist and sexist things. Plain as day.

    If you have any interest in a peaceful, safe world, it would help that cause to be more honourable and conscientious to people you speak with, especially if you (as is that case here) know nothing about them and their lives.

  36. suchmehclit

    I have been homeless too… what’s your point? I know what it is like to sleep in a tent in the snow or a park bench.. I do not have to justify myself to you, However I worked at PDSA charity shop free labour for 2 years, I have made a indent on communities within certain festivals, I don’t want to say to much cause to be quite frank I don’t want death and rape threats off of your lot. Which you are known for. My ex partner and I got together cause I took him off the street and gave him a home sorted his life out, He now lives with my friend has a job and is doing OK. He’s not dealing with me breaking up with him too well so I hear though. I have taken many homeless people into my home, rent free… only for me to ask them to buy there own food and clean up once in awhile. I have donated clothes, worked for recycling companies, worked in photography written reviews (With people spell checking of course!) and now work as a door supervisor. Which co-ops? what areas? If so you may of met me. I have had involvements with co-ops from London, Leeds, Brighton, Nottingham and Bristol… Yet to visit the ones up in Scottland though but im sure that will happen in the future when I don’t have my hands tied with so much other ongoing stuff.

    Currently im sat here getting volenteers to help do nitting for baby blankets to donate to the hospital. A charity my friends running.. To be quite honest I would not be able to even tell you all the stuff I have been involved in because quite frankly I can’t even remember it all. I am also getting involved in a charity to donate warm clothes to homeless (There is items of clothes left on the town hall free to take if needed as it stands) I am only in talks with that at the moment as with everything going off with refugees a few of us were like… well we have homeless people here now.. 3 hostels have been closed in the past year and a half and homelessness has increased tenfold. I would also like to note that it is not just men who are homeless.

    I also don’t eat meat, walk most places, keep up on politics, goto anarchist meetings, goto feminist meetings at co-operatives the last one I went to was Scott Crowe.

    Most of my teenage and adult life I have dedicated to helping people and the environment.
    Even my job as a Door Supervisor is mainly helping people and ensuring people are safe tried to pull people up not push them down. All this and I am in my mid 20’s I feel quite happy and proud of the achievements I have done in my life.

    Your turn? I would love to see your charities 🙂

  37. suchmehclit

    Actually the insurance increased for 99% of women. Yes women are the ones who are going to get pregnant however, If a man dose not want an unwanted baby there should be the CHOICE to protect himself from that. Then the contraception argument is invalid that both parties have responsibilities of there OWN bodies. I have been following Vasalgel and just for the record male contraceptive has been invented… however they wouldn’t realise one just because it caused decrease in the sex drive.. I don’t know if you knew this but female contraception also decreases the sex drive… I think if a man don’t want to have babies then he should be within his full right to be able to ensure that without depending on women.. I am telling you I can’t take female hormones… If you wan’t to know what happens which is the worst side effect is I get absolutely awful migraines. If one comes on I have to shut myself in the dark… pitch black I cannot even look at a laptop screen and sleep. No matter what time of the day it is.. I could not work when that happened and do you think I could have a normal life with that? I would get ones from a rating of 3-10 on pain.. I had migraines around the 3 mark at least 3 times a week and the worst ones mentioned above at least 2ce a month… they could come on anytime anywhere.

    I have an allergy to latex and to spermicide. So the only thing left for me is latex free condoms, withdrawal method and the coil (None of these are 100% full proof as I myself am a coil baby) I wont get the coil as my friend pulled hers out in the pub because they messed it up causing her way too much pain. Watching that has put me off since..

    So yeah dam right I am all for male contraception, My ex wanted to go on trails for them but he wanted kids with me in the future (Which is why were exe’s I don’t want children I broke it off cause I don’t want to give him what he wants he kept pressuring me to agree to it) So as one of the recommendations were that you must not want children in the future… meant that he couldn’t do it.

    I also agree both men and women should have the same retirement age, As far as I am aware that is going to change. I also think that haircuts should be equally charged. That Tampons should not be taxed, that pay should be equal for the same/similar work, That any rape victim should be treated with dignity and respect thats within media and games by the way. That objectification of human bodies should be abolished basically I would rather us be more like Iceland. One of the happiest countries in the world who also put bankers in jail.

    Every time I reply to you I end up wondering off topic. I do apologize for this.

  38. Janet Wilkinson

    Nice piece of propaganda….

  39. disqus_QL05BqU79X

    LOLz. Reverse of truth again. NAILED!

    Thanks for proving my point about feminist mental illness again. You’re insane. Sweden is the most feminist country on earth. How can you NOT know that? It’s a global legend! A pinnacle!

    Men do not commit crime. People do. Fatherlessness affects daughters as well as sons, you worthless BIGOT. Poor girls raised in two-parent homes do not commit crime like daughters from houses without fathers. It is such girls who will grow up to commit most child abuse, rape and domestic violence, of course. Women commit these crimes more than men do. Faaaaaaaact.

    Britain and the UK are feminist states. Do you live on Mars? Small pockets of public anti-feminism do not affect the judiciary.

    Yes, single mothers are historically a problem compared to single fathers, because 50 years of heavy Marxist feminism has failed to teach these females about responsibility. No, not all of them, of course, but well over 80% of serious abuse and neglect of children is committed by them.

    You know nothing, but it is entertaining to see a standard, brainwashed ideologue gripping onto their ideology like they’d die if they let go.

  40. John Gormley Spokesman MHRI

    The Goodmen project….don’t make me laugh.

    You might see a good thing there, all I see is hatred for men on every page they have.

    Feminism is not only an anti-male ideology it is also a misogynistic one too.

    Who else suggests that women are too weak to get ahead with out gender quotas.

    You are a misogynist!

    Enjoy your sexist bigotry

  41. suchmehclit

    So explain how it is propaganda. What has been mislead in that article? What isn’t true? Or warped… Back up your claim or its just a shit reply.

  42. Anders

    Does anyone seriously believe that men have no problem being trusted in court when they accuse women of sexual molestation?

  43. Anders

    The frequency informs the funding of shelters by gender? Really? Do you have some examples?

  44. Captian Obvious

    Well if you think he is wrong about them being bigots… show some proof of Western Feminist not being bigots. Go ahead, it shouldn’t be hard to.

    It will only take a few seconds to show an endless list of feminist and feminist powers like NOW and WAR being hateful towards men. But even the Emma Watson speech at the UN was biased and pushing false propaganda. WAGE gap has been shown time and time again to be false. Rape “culture” isn’t real, using a falsified Mary Koss statistic of 1 in 4 is a fear mongering tactic to make all men look like monsters. Domestic Violence is equally female to male as it is male to female with 70% of non-reciprocated violence being female to male.

    Western feminist have yet to live up to their claim that they are about “equality”. They just simply use the definition like it overrides their actions.

    Shouldn’t feminist want him to be about the “equality act”, don’t you want “equality”? Or are you upset that his stance is ACTUAL equality… which means taking away privileged bullshit women have as well as the things men might have over women (which is actually not a lot.)

  45. Captian Obvious

    @Carrie None of those are “proof” of feminist NOT being bigots, they are simply 3 images of “quotes” or “statements” claiming not to be anti-male.
    I can have a group called “happy positivity” and CLAIM to be all about good and happiness. But if my group did NOTHING BUT go around bullying, attacking, slandering, pushing laws, protesting false issues, and doing nothing happy or positive… then the “definition” means NOTHING. Even if I make happy little posters filled with claims otherwise.

    Show some PROOF of Western Feminist not being bigots. Actual actions by feminist doing something positive towards men.

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